Google Earnings (Infographic)


We all know how influential Google is over web but in background  what about Google earnings,What are the major sources of Google revenue, The folks at released new info-graphic about the Google Earnings Read the rest of this entry

Website of the week

Want to analyze or research on Economic growth and related value online, then the webservice created by students of economics at Georgia State University aids you.The website named as allows us to know the economic reality of a number of countries registered. Read the rest of this entry

Pocket Wikipedia|Access Wikipedia offline

Organizing all information into your finger tips, that’s what a search engine like Google as well as the primary info source Wikipedia like website does.So if you are online you use the giant database Wikipedia for your info search , However what if there is a Pocket Wikipedia (offline mode) in your choice , Pocket Wikipedia is small application tool which helps you to access Wikipedia in offline mode or without internet connection . this application works on Windows,Linux Operation System And Widows Based Mobiles. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Super computers [Pdf]

Free PDF on worlds top 10 supercomputers……Download here- .SUPER

Random Tech/News Website collections

Say some one asked you a quest on what is your favorite News/Tech  website? , sure your mind will pop up on famous website like cnet or pcworld like wise .so  we do have  a  random collection of famous  News/Tech , Blogs , columnists.Download the PDF Below. Read the rest of this entry

How to get Chrome Browser standalone Installer

Mostly as you might be knowing that Browsers like Chrome usually Updates its new version under background. As the users with Internet connection   enjoy its lot but Normally, this is not an issue, but there are some cases where you need to have Chrome packaged or offline Installer  and ready to install on a device with no internet connection. Read the rest of this entry

Unstoppable Copier |Recover files from damaged Discs

It’s very Frequent scenario that you might be  dealing with damaged Optical discs problems , since the use of discs are still popular compared to other similar data carrying devices However  the fact is that still we have softwares  available online to retrieve files from these  damaged disks and that is the case of Unstoppable Copier is a powerful option. Read the rest of this entry

Who owns Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg  (CE ) owns 24% of the shares of Facebook : the most leading competitor in the world of Social Networks , It’s not depicted by us , but a Pie chart from chart is shown below Read the rest of this entry

Smart Watch | The “I’m Watch

As the era of smartphones strive flawless over the Tech markets , there arise a quest what’s next? The answer is “I’m  Watch” (smart watches). The “I’m  Watch” is a smart watch that communicates with your iPhone, Android Phone, or Blackberry.  It looks like a very bulky wrist watch but with Technologies embedded . Read the rest of this entry

Weekly Tips

Hey readers  and friends , just switch your attention to these weekly tip section as we are covering two Internet based scenarios , one  Google search by SMS and the other mystery behind website. Read the rest of this entry

Google Public Alerts Service

Google, in conjunction with their mapping technology, has launched [see here] a platform service called Google Public Alerts that is designed to help you find critical emergency information during a crisis. The intent of the platform is to disseminate emergency messages such as the location of crisis events (such as hurricanes and earthquakes) and what actions to take (such as evacuation notices. visit Google Public Alerts. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome USB 3.0 for smartphones

Speed is the core factor on  top demand of  any data transfer technology and coming to the latest USB 3.0 which is 10 times faster(625 MB/s)  than USB 2.0(60 MB/s) .And good news for smartphone users are,  By the end of 2012 smartphones and tablet devices will sport a USB 3.0-based microUSB connector. Read the rest of this entry