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Hey readers  and friends , just switch your attention to these weekly tip section as we are covering two Internet based scenarios , one  Google search by SMS and the other mystery behind AllAboutRajni.com website.

  • Search Google by SMS

Do you know Google search  services too  can be accessed using SMS service  from your cellphone ,you can get results about  Movie show timing ,Locations of local businesses ,Word meanings ,weather forecast ,Product prices and much more.At present this service is only available in India and USA.  India users can send their queries at  : 9773300000. USA users can send their queries at : 466453

  • How to activate SMS alert on Google plus

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Probably, you already know about a website dedicated to famous Tamil star Rajnikanth named All About Rani (AllAboutRajni.com) which was launched just couple of days back on the occasion of Rajni’s birhday. The website has been built and launched by DesiMartini. As with everything else related to Rajnikanth, even his website has been launched as something weird. The weird part of All About Rajni is that this website works without any internet connection. In fact as soon as you access the site by typing its URL, the welcome message itself prompts the user to disconnect the internet connection for the website to work . so what’s the secret behind it?

Through the HTML5 Offline Storage specification. (http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/offline/whats-offline/) ,All the files required for displaying the webpage are downloaded and stored locally on the user’s computer through means of a cache manifest file. When the internet connection is lost, the user is still able to view the webpage as he has a local copy of the files.Here is the link to the flash file: http://www.desimartini.com/allaboutrajniV1/Design.swf.
.For more visit All about Rajni.com Mystery


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