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Firefox Addons|Better Security & Privacy

Extensions are a key factor with Browsers , so to achieve additional extra features as we cannot afford it. Here are some favorite extensions for Firefox based on Security and Privacy. Read the rest of this entry


Firefox 8 Unleashed|Download Now

Yes, we are buzzing on Latest Final  Release version of Mozilla Firefox  (8.0).Mozilla made available Firefox 8 final release build ahead of scheduled date via Mozilla FTP servers, Firefox latest version still not officially released yet you’ll be notified for update with in 24-hours of Firefox release, if you can’t wait till then you can go ahead and upgrade to Firefox 8. Read the rest of this entry

Most Popular Browser apps|Addons|Extensions

Browser now days are meant or utilized for more than what they are basically for.Earlier it was just meant as a medium for visiting websites. watch online video likewise, but now revamped browsers took a new form into the web and utilized as an All – in – one  app for WWW or transforming itself into a valuable cloud OS.Games,web services , security apps all are now attached to  make browsing more fun.Lets have a look up on some best browser apps or add-on  this year.Categorization below are mainly based on Chrome and Firefox. Read the rest of this entry

Browse faster just with Keywords

Very often while surfing with Browsers like Firefox ,we just type the URL in the URL bar or just type a keyword ,then press ctr+Enter[sometimes use Bookmarks ]  , append www & .com to it for visiting websites.Since most modern browsers mainly aim on speed browsing techniques, users tends to expect there browsing habits to be done with ease.Here is a nice tip that any one could try out with your favorite browsers like Firefox or Chrome , so that by just typing a Keyword and Press Enter You are on the move to a website ,so quick and ease , no need of appending any sort of .com or to press any other alternate keys.Note:This technique is slightly different from browsing keywords/Tags with Bookmark option. Read the rest of this entry

Contributing to the Mozilla and Chromium Projects

“Mozilla is a fun, diverse community of people from around the world. You don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) to get involved. You just have to love the Web” this is what Mozilla claims for the door to new developers.Ofcourse many of you might be familiar with how to be a part of Mozilla  Opensource development efforts.But for newbies who wants to get just started here the informative Mozilla links that aid you to move further.Being a part of Opensource initiatives like Mozilla and Chromium builds polishes well your online presence. Read the rest of this entry

Browsers Release Channels [Infography]

Most popular browsers like Firefox,chrome,IE doesn’t ride up with an immediate Final version.Before the final releases these browsers goes through several phases of releases and builds like developer,beta etc.To an extend these releases are mainly released to make users familiar with new features,get feedbacks and suggestions,improve stability likewise .We present an infography based on various browser releases channels.Click and zoom to view better. Read the rest of this entry

Is WebGL Secure?

Innovative Web technologies from its introduction ,is always been exposed to exploits, so is in the case of latest web trend WebGL [to know more on basics of  WebGl,visit our earlier post].Now most tech websites are exposing news regarding the vulnerability on the new 3D graphics technology WebGL that allows web pages to draw fast 3D graphics in a similar manner to computer games.Although this exciting technology has the capability to deliver a much richer experience to web users, recent research shows it can be used steal user data through web browsers.

Read the rest of this entry

Ubuntu 11.04 :Firefox 4 Slow Issues

Apart from the new Unity Interface in  Ubuntu 11.04 , another  problem users might be facing might be in case of browsing ,i.e  the default browser Firefox 4 is not going well or slow and sluggish in Ubuntu 11.04.This specific problem persists for several users using the latest Ubuntu , and in many Ubuntu supporting forums , quests are referred on this issues many are preferring latest Google chrome over Firefox. Read the rest of this entry

Firefox| Are Firefox Plugin Safe?

Plugins[a bit type Addons] are a most easier & better way to enhance your favorite browser.And Firefox is an ideal browser platform for creating add-ons.Like experts say if Pros is there So are Cons.So what influence does this plugins has got on a browser or to the installed system.Have you ever thought of that?It’s quiet usual that a normal user skip these sort of  scenario but power of Firefox plugins is that it  can also be used with malicious intent. Read the rest of this entry

Web Browser-History [Infography]

As Mozilla Firefox 4 and IE 9  hit the deck , browser features have  traveled a long form , some got downgraded and other  well as upgraded.Adapting to the new web technologies every browser had it’s own merit and demerits .As surfing through various sites we got some smart chart and infography on Browser’s history.Positive fact is that competence among various browsers leads to a speedy and secure browsing environment. Read the rest of this entry

Firefox Tricks

FirefoxAs every new browser hits the web , not only it’s features gets exposed but also it’s major bugs , tweaks got exposed.It doesn’t matter whether it’s IE9/FF4/Opera11, experts finds out what tweaks/tricks and bugs could be identified in a released version .Here we discuss some Firefox Tweaks( might be knowing) ,the way you can customize the features as well as hidden functionality in our favorite browser.From the basics lets start with the hidden or unknown “about:” pages Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Browser

browsersWhich web browser do you use? Often it’s always a quest which is the top/powerful/commonly used browser. As entries include Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, avant, Amaya the list goes on..However it’s a fact that every browser has got it’s own merits and demerits over other browsers. Focusing on better speed surfing and plug-in management in Chrome and Firefox doesn’t mean by all that they are top browsers. Frequent crash occur for Firefox with available plugins, also memory usage and built in adblock a problem. As still stats go for IE , in browser market share ,Plugin and addon, tab management, frequent security flaws problems in IE gets focused .With IE9 release It is expected to be generally faster, more secure, and more standards compliant. Read the rest of this entry