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Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google

Now If your Google+ page is all in one Finished Format, get ready to verify the Brand Page with Google verification system.The steps to verify Google+ pages are quite simple  and there by more Customers might grab you or follow-up on Verified Google badges! .Google has suggested  a way for any Page owners to verify their  page to Google. Read the rest of this entry


Integration of Google services with Google+

And it’s happening , slowly Google services are Integrated to the new Google Social Networking Platform Google+, after announcing Google reader Integration with Google+, now Practically users will be able to replace their Blogger profiles with their Google+ profiles as the company announced on Monday. Read the rest of this entry

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Traffic Data|Analytics Premium

Everyone needs smarter and speedy web plus realtime data.So does Google punching it’ existing Google Analytics program data into  bring real-time data to webmasters/users. Read the rest of this entry Blogging Tips [Automattic hosted platform] provides us an easy platform for bloggers those who doesn’t want to care much on developer thoughts/Programming.It’s easy to set up and provides a wide list of awesome themes to choose from. Compared to[Self hosted platforms] It might be bitter taste for developer users who wants to modify much and customize those themes as they like unless they go for a paid Upgrade option/Hosting.Mostly many features are restricted to the Themes we choose.However there are some nice tips we could add to  a normal blog and make it more interesting.For experts in blogging this might be a basic tip , but for newbies these might be worthy to try out , as one of the reader request us how we enabled certain features to our blog. Read the rest of this entry

Google+ Profile Activity Widget

Have you got interested in latest official release of Google+ API , want to create your own Profile widget displaying/streaming your Google+ profile , post and activities.Thanks to Moretechtips for aiding us to create a profile widget with similar action as described above.We did some slight modification and created a PDF document explaining how you could create a Google+ Profile widget with Google API and display it in your favorite blog/website. Read the rest of this entry

Top Blogging Platforms [Infography]

Since we choose WordPress as our Primary Blogging platform ,it  provided us with the real fun and experience of what a blogger expects?. However as most readers knew that there are more than 100 of free blogging platforms avail online.Deciding with what Profession/criteria/Platform we like ,can choose over any of these platforms .Here we compile an ultimate Tag cloud [Infography] of Top [64] blogging platforms over web.Click and zoom on image to view better Read the rest of this entry

Check Google Transparency report of Your country

Check out for Google Transparency report.It provides sorts of information regarding the data requests done by government agencies around the world to Google for disclosing User details and  content removal done  on WWW.If any of the webpages or Blogs or users in Internet does disrupt any of the government rules/policy in a specific country ,they asks for removing the contents or disclosure and Google has come up with a detailed analysis and reports of such requests around the world on Google Transparency.The latest report released is from the period July to December 2010. Read the rest of this entry

Search Engines Keywords and Top Trends

It’s seems to be a simple word or a phrase that most people search on those popular search engines ,but apparently it’s those words that drive up the business and site traffic in Internet .To be more clear we are blogging on the topic “Finding and analysing Most Popular Keywords trends on internet “,It;s a bit of SEO scenario ,however if you are a webmaster or a blogger or site owner it’s relevant that keywords or search terms has got much importance.,although now a days search algorithms are modified and adapted more than the keyword factors and hanging or focusing towards content quality,still keywords rules. Read the rest of this entry

Web Tools & Apps Directory

An ultimate web applications index i.e the perfect  description for a perfect online web application search website – sort of online tools or web services or web apps you need Go2WEB aids or guides you .Whether it’s music,blogging, infographics, business,widgets,games,mobile,video,travel or any sorts ,this website finds the  needed web service for any one.Additional browser integrated search option is also avail.
Read the rest of this entry

List of Social Networking Sites[Infography]

Searching for some more social networking sites ,no need to whirl around the web ,here is almost an ultimate list of social networking sites Infography.It’s categorized into General, Travel+Lifestyle and Science & Research Websites.We try  to cover almost popular as well as unfamiliar sites in this list .However there might be some sites skipped,if any comment it on.Click on image & zoom to view better Read the rest of this entry

A Visual Image Search to Blog

A visual image search option to your personal or business related  blog .Of course most blog themes have an integrated Search Widget,but not  an Image Search .It’s so simple we just add a bit of HTML code & it’s done.Most readers might have this option in their blog ,if not try these tips using Google Image Search for your blog!. Read the rest of this entry

Test Your Site in Different Browsers

Most readers/webmasters must be already Googled and found some sites related to this title i.e cross browser compatibility test.Testing your Website/blog design under different OS platforms & various browsers is nearly a good practice to analyse your web design.For a web designer,the final frontier is only completed after he analyse his creation under different platforms considering,OS,Browsers,Resolutions etc..Here we collated about 7 online tools to check online how a website look & feel on various platforms or browser compatibility. Read the rest of this entry