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Apple new iPhone 4S [Video]

Watch the official Apple new iPhone 4S video released . (more…)


How Google Updates search algorithm [Video]

Do you know that Just last year over 500 changes/improvements have been done to Google search algorithm[as per Google]?.So what pattern does Google developers follow in these algorithmic changes.An official video from Google claims/explains on how Google does a combination of Users Interest with Google Interest and alter the Google search results by making it more effective.Google algorithmic changes is done through vast  regress scientific testing of Google data, analysing live search results like wise.. Enjoy the video below! Read the rest of this entry

Magic Plus[+] Technology [Video]

What’s magic combined with Technology called?,  Is it to be defined as Deception? or an illusion? Here is a  amazing video  from TED that shows a perfect example for how does magic gets better with combination of Tech devices.Watch it! Read the rest of this entry

Top 15 USB Flash Drive Designs[Video]

Is USB Flash drive a device to store massive amount of information? it’s more than that.It has become a life style to everyone so to choose their best designed USB.Now a days shapes of these USB flash drives are lightweight , cool and unique.Here is a collection of slide show of 15 amazing and creative USB Designs by various manufactures. Read the rest of this entry

Back in 1990’s |Walk through a Giant Computer

Today we get back our readers to 1990’s , Watch the below video  recorded in 1990 on “How Computers Work”.Definitely it’s  not  more a needed video for any our readers, but watch how our elders previewed this  technological innovation -“Computer”- back in 1990’s.Interesting frame in this video is the Giant Computer Shown. Read the rest of this entry

Multimedia|Dealing a Video File

It’s a frequent problem that occurs  with many users , that your  favorite video  breaks down/ it’s corrupted/ necessary codecs not avail like wise .However we can’t describe a video or movie file related info with in just few words , since it’s vast & so leverage.Before covering some known video repair & analysis tools to begin with lets start with some basics. Read the rest of this entry

Google|Behind Google Translate

Don’t twist  the  language to learn it but rather twist   up your tongue to learn a  language -It’s a famous quote -yes we too are blogging on language rather the famous Google translator.Currently it’s satndard is  been improved lots as to experts & now supports over more than 50 languages.Rather than it’s cons , pros get highlighted more.Lot’s of translation tools are avail online, still Google translation stands up as favorite.So Behind the scene -how does translation works? Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Statistics[Videographic]

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Facebook Statistics

Facebook has transformed itself from a diversion into the central hub around which we organize our social lives. There are half a billion people on earth on Facebook, which amounts to 1 in every 13 people alive; in the U.S., a whopping 72% of the internet-connected audience has a profile. But these numbers fail to capture the role that Facebook actually plays in many people’s lives. Among 18-34-year-olds, 48% check Facebook right when they wake up. Over New Year’s weekend, 750 million photos were uploaded. Every 20 minutes, 10 million comments are made, and 2.7 million messages are sent.Just watch below video graphic  powered by and research done by Onlineschools on “Facebook Obsession” Read the rest of this entry