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Google Earnings (Infographic)


We all know how influential Google is over web but in background  what about Google earnings,What are the major sources of Google revenue, The folks at released new info-graphic about the Google Earnings Read the rest of this entry


How to get Chrome Browser standalone Installer

Mostly as you might be knowing that Browsers like Chrome usually Updates its new version under background. As the users with Internet connection   enjoy its lot but Normally, this is not an issue, but there are some cases where you need to have Chrome packaged or offline Installer  and ready to install on a device with no internet connection. Read the rest of this entry

Weekly Tips

Hey readers  and friends , just switch your attention to these weekly tip section as we are covering two Internet based scenarios , one  Google search by SMS and the other mystery behind website. Read the rest of this entry

The better SPDY Protocol

No doubt that any reader could explain What HTTP & HTTPS are, but some might be on late info with SPDY.Browsers and web-servers to start to supporting SPDY protocol (faster & more powerful alternative to HTTP protocol). SPDY is an application layer protocol which increases security while decreasing latency. SPDY is on track for a possible re-naming to HTTP/2.0, and is being actively implemented by important contingents of the web community external to Google. Read the rest of this entry

Chrome Browser supports WebRTC for in-browser voice, video chat

Heard of WebRTC? Google has built the WebRTC technology into a test version of Chrome Browser to let the browser run voice and video chat applications within the browser interface. Read the rest of this entry

Google Easter Eggs new

Google is like an alternative Brain I don’t Have , it’s an awesome phrase and yes Google is your next choice after your Brain potential.Am I exaggerating facts , If  so just skip these words and let me introduce some fun search tips for these Holiday happiness.The new Google Easter eggs! Read the rest of this entry

Android OS and Battle with Patent Issues|Outlook

This article is a complete analysis based on Jamie Middleton in Pc+ , as we discuss how well Android OS and based devices could sustain its reputation in the middle of Patent war  created by the competitors and What Google future plan with Android. And yes those who are Yelling Google is evil ,no it isn’t , the reality  and fact shows Google is  the real competitor  driving it’s plan in middle of  Patent issues created by other big guns. Read the rest of this entry

Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google

Now If your Google+ page is all in one Finished Format, get ready to verify the Brand Page with Google verification system.The steps to verify Google+ pages are quite simple  and there by more Customers might grab you or follow-up on Verified Google badges! .Google has suggested  a way for any Page owners to verify their  page to Google. Read the rest of this entry

Quest over Google+ Pages | Helpful Links

Yes, Google+ Pages are here , as Google answered a Top Question that debated by Professionals over months, “create  pages for businesses on Google(+) Plus”?. Now as Google demands-“You’re just a few steps from an easier way to talk (and listen) to your customers.”. With pages in Google+ can help people learn about what makes your business tick — your products, promotions, hours and anything else you want to share. Sure there are some basic questions over Pages in Google+. Read the rest of this entry

Most Popular Browser apps|Addons|Extensions

Browser now days are meant or utilized for more than what they are basically for.Earlier it was just meant as a medium for visiting websites. watch online video likewise, but now revamped browsers took a new form into the web and utilized as an All – in – one  app for WWW or transforming itself into a valuable cloud OS.Games,web services , security apps all are now attached to  make browsing more fun.Lets have a look up on some best browser apps or add-on  this year.Categorization below are mainly based on Chrome and Firefox. Read the rest of this entry

Google+ strives to Separate itself from others

Is Google+ Striving into a Unique Network? If you query how, yes there is a definite reason for the fact that differentiate Google+ with other  social networking giants.More precisely  experts/Tech journalists  might now agree the fact that Google+ is riding in its right path to the Precept of Success.Recently the social networking giant has launched new updates to enhance interactivity among users.Obviously these new features differentiate itself  Google+ from Facebook and Twitter so that the public perceives  something different or experience new.Added up features like What’s Hot on Google+ , Google+ Ripples and Google+ Creative Kit promises the users more fun and Interactivity with Google+ platform. Read the rest of this entry

Integration of Google services with Google+

And it’s happening , slowly Google services are Integrated to the new Google Social Networking Platform Google+, after announcing Google reader Integration with Google+, now Practically users will be able to replace their Blogger profiles with their Google+ profiles as the company announced on Monday. Read the rest of this entry