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Smart Watch | The “I’m Watch

As the era of smartphones strive flawless over the Tech markets , there arise a quest what’s next? The answer is “I’m  Watch” (smart watches). The “I’m  Watch” is a smart watch that communicates with your iPhone, Android Phone, or Blackberry.  It looks like a very bulky wrist watch but with Technologies embedded . Read the rest of this entry


Welcome USB 3.0 for smartphones

Speed is the core factor on  top demand of  any data transfer technology and coming to the latest USB 3.0 which is 10 times faster(625 MB/s)  than USB 2.0(60 MB/s) .And good news for smartphone users are,  By the end of 2012 smartphones and tablet devices will sport a USB 3.0-based microUSB connector. Read the rest of this entry

Acer Claims “World’s thinnest Ultrabook”

At CES 2012, Acer played a vital role with their new kid Acer Aspire S5  – referred to as “world’s thinnest Ultrabook” .The 13.3in Aspire S5 weighs only 1.35kg, and resumes from standby in less than 1.5 seconds, according to Acer . Read the rest of this entry

The best 20 Mobile/Smart Phones

One of the most confronting  scenario for buying a Mobile phone/Netbook or any other Tech devices is which among this vast number of Technology is the best that suits for a buyer/customer.Coming to a Mobile/Smartphone (the era of smartphones)  , we will be usually doubt to choose  the best but the best option to get out of it is based on the Online reviews and experience quotes by other customers.Thanks to , where they posted an article on  20 best mobile phones in the world today. Read the rest of this entry

Best from CES-2012

CES 2012  – Consumer Electronic Show is  the single biggest trade show on the tech calendar held at Las vegas.Thanks to , for having an Outlook on the  most promising and exciting new products and concepts shown off at this year’s.You can download it as PDF from below links. Read the rest of this entry

Comparison of Tablets|Kindle Fire Vs Nook Tablet Vs iPad2

As predicted by Analysts and Tech journalists Tablet compete began into full stream with the Amazon Kindle Fire,  the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and the restored Apple iPad2. Though it’s a  basic clash  between Android vs Apple iOS and other Patent related issues  buzzing over Digital world, 2011 tablet innovation trend is active.Despite in the middle of  the Patent Attacks  , Android OS based Tablet has to be better or Improve lot compared to market best iPad2.Here is an Infographic on Quick look of Apple iPad2 Vs Amazon Kindle Fire. Read the rest of this entry

Display,CPU and OS Technology in Latest Smartphones

Again Smartphones competes each other with the recent release of Samsung Galaxy Nexus  [smartphone made by Samsung for Google supported by Android 4 OS code-named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the next major version of Google’s mobile operating system],it’s officially announced that Samsung will begin shipping the Galaxy Nexus worldwide in November. Read the rest of this entry

Overview of Smartphones and Malwares

Mobile devices/Smart Phones are used everywhere, so does it presents  an attractive target to cyber-criminals. Presumably attackers deduce that a smartphones contain a vast amount of personal and confidential information and can be used to perform all kinds of online transactions -so more & more malwares are developed targeting it. If you are more concerned with your PC security so should be  a  common smartphone . In the sense, they will cross over the   vulnerability factor as compared to  PCs  since the communication channels in smartphones like  SMS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Web browsers, applications and email  are easily prone to malware — these aspects lead to a proliferation of malicious code targeting these platforms. Overall the  ‘modus operandi‘ adopted by cyber-criminals has totally changed over years. Read the rest of this entry

Apple new iPhone 4S, iCloud and iPod Updates

The wait is over and here comes the Apple new iPhone 4S-the next incarnation of its smartphone.Released at it’s headquarters keynote event , Apple’s next iPhone made its debut. Initial reviews suggests that the iPhone 4S looks identical to the current [iPhone 4] version, but with improved components, such as camera, processor, and memory. Read the rest of this entry

Intel Visions for Future

“Transition from Natural into smarter planet  sustainable to Eco system” – that’s what  Intel Processor Manufacturing Technology offers  .What kind of future do you want to live in?  What are you excited about and what concerns you? What is your request of the future? -And these thoughts are driving  factors of the Computing Technology into smarter than we think today – Does that Unique time approach us? Well Intel suggests/claims  their Visions and Future adaptive technologies  meets those discrete line.Recently last month IDF [Intel Developer Forum ] put forwards what Intel accumulates for future , also some applied present Intel Technologies. Read the rest of this entry

Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 and others

With recent announcement of  Kindle Fire  Amazon  jumped into main stream Tablet market as expert claims   it tried  to compromise on several hardware features for launching an affordable tablet.With “Cloud-Accelerated” Silk Browser like features, Amazon app stores many expects as  Arriving on November 15 for $199 [US], the Kindle Fire will enter a crowded market dominated by Apple’s iPad.Here is a nice image on Comparison of Kindle Fire with other main stream competitors like ipad2, PlayBook, IdeaPadA1.. Read the rest of this entry

Top Best Laptops/Notebooks [August-Sept 2011]

Although many users are favorites of  smartphones and Tablets like devices still Laptops/Notebooks/Netbooks have a competitive market in Portable devices.Here we launch a new section on Top/Popular Laptops/Notebooks/Netbooks based on various review across various websites around the WWW .Buying Laptops points  focus should also  be done on the specific ratings and reviews over web through what mainstream consumers are looking at and thinking about buying.These top picks include specific category laptops including Gaming, business, education etc.[Point cursor and click to specific devices to see the technical specifications – you can also download the list as PDF] . Read the rest of this entry