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Apple iPhone and iPad Simulator

Want to test  Apple iPhone or iPad [Earlier versions] in your Desktop PC or need an Apple iPhone/iPad simulator to try out  .Adobe AIR [Adobe Integrated Runtime] comes to your Aid. has developed some interesting iPhone and iPad Simulators under the development platforms like Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3. Read the rest of this entry


Free Softwares/Apps to Checkout

Here we share some handy ,light weight ,free daily useful applications/softwares buzzing around the web.Since most apps are from trustable official sources they are malware free and easy to use that speed up your common system tasks.Below highlighted apps are available for most OS versions like Windows/Linux/Mac.So check it out and share any similar apps info with us. Read the rest of this entry

Chrome book, iOS5 & OS X 10.7 Lion

With Samsung & Acer – supporting Google chrome OS[Chrome book] steps into the OS Competitive zone , having simple new user interfaces & Cloud[Web Apps] only features the main initiative is that on login users are welcomed by a browser window,Lots of initial review suggests that ” Chromebooks make a lot of sense for businesses that want a system for employees that provides Web access without the management burden of a full-blown computer. For individuals, the Chromebook value proposition is less clear“. Read the rest of this entry

Clean My Mac

It’s time to make your Mac machine more smarter and save lots of disk space , clean those junk files and lot more.Of course there are some utilities within your latest Mac , but let’s try alternatives.At first we go through some needed software’s  that can apply for cleaning  unwanted files and then some try out within Mac. Read the rest of this entry