The better SPDY Protocol

No doubt that any reader could explain What HTTP & HTTPS are, but some might be on late info with SPDY.Browsers and web-servers to start to supporting SPDY protocol (faster & more powerful alternative to HTTP protocol). SPDY is an application layer protocol which increases security while decreasing latency. SPDY is on track for a possible re-naming to HTTP/2.0, and is being actively implemented by important contingents of the web community external to Google. Read the rest of this entry

Firefox Addons|Better Security & Privacy

Extensions are a key factor with Browsers , so to achieve additional extra features as we cannot afford it. Here are some favorite extensions for Firefox based on Security and Privacy. Read the rest of this entry

Anonymous browsing| Safe Browsing [Part 1]

Well now a days the title Anonymous browsing is even much familiar to school or college students, since there are lots of online Proxy websites are available , so  that if  you need to check out a site or two anonymously  or you can go through a proxy site that hides your home computer (ip address) info in a different way. Read the rest of this entry

Acer Claims “World’s thinnest Ultrabook”

At CES 2012, Acer played a vital role with their new kid Acer Aspire S5  – referred to as “world’s thinnest Ultrabook” .The 13.3in Aspire S5 weighs only 1.35kg, and resumes from standby in less than 1.5 seconds, according to Acer . Read the rest of this entry

Top Antivirus|Security Tools-2012

Almost all of the major security brands released their  2012 security suits with hanging 2012 in their names.Some offers free while many became prices ranging from $50 .With various reviews across web and user surveys , we update the list of 2012 Antivirus softwares based on a rank policy (From its features and support). Read the rest of this entry

Websites|List of Useful Sites [Part 14]

List of useful websites , to have better surfing , deal better and know more on common and unknown web services and Websites and here is the Part 14   Section of Useful sites. Since we don’t want to create a list of link spam we are not hyper-linking site address rather just provides URL’s.This list well be continued as new posts. Read the rest of this entry

The best 20 Mobile/Smart Phones

One of the most confronting  scenario for buying a Mobile phone/Netbook or any other Tech devices is which among this vast number of Technology is the best that suits for a buyer/customer.Coming to a Mobile/Smartphone (the era of smartphones)  , we will be usually doubt to choose  the best but the best option to get out of it is based on the Online reviews and experience quotes by other customers.Thanks to , where they posted an article on  20 best mobile phones in the world today. Read the rest of this entry

Chrome Browser supports WebRTC for in-browser voice, video chat

Heard of WebRTC? Google has built the WebRTC technology into a test version of Chrome Browser to let the browser run voice and video chat applications within the browser interface. Read the rest of this entry

Social Media and Blogging Tools|This week

Very often to speed up our  Online Website and Social Media related  tasks, we have to look out for third-party tools , Here is a useful post on needed Online Social Media and Blogging Tools to Promote yourself/Websites in the array of Internet. Read the rest of this entry

Best from CES-2012

CES 2012  – Consumer Electronic Show is  the single biggest trade show on the tech calendar held at Las vegas.Thanks to , for having an Outlook on the  most promising and exciting new products and concepts shown off at this year’s.You can download it as PDF from below links. Read the rest of this entry

Education based | Online Tools

Since around nearly for   3/4 years Opensource apps are of  diverged to a Primary used apps by many users/customers.Even for a business based or Projects or Education based , website like provides a vast number of  Opensource softwares to hit the task of any user.However let’s focus on some handy education based opensource  online apps. Read the rest of this entry

Tip on USB/Flash Drives

Though USB drives  are useful  for data portability , it’s a frequent scenario that If we  attach a USB to a  computer , the chance of Virus Infection could be likely to  happen.In detail , the virus is transferred from PC to the drive  in no time infecting all the important documents in USB drive too.You might be thinking of a built-in /Installed  antivirus might be the best solution , nope! Read the rest of this entry