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How to get Chrome Browser standalone Installer

Mostly as you might be knowing that Browsers like Chrome usually Updates its new version under background. As the users with Internet connection   enjoy its lot but Normally, this is not an issue, but there are some cases where you need to have Chrome packaged or offline Installer  and ready to install on a device with no internet connection. Read the rest of this entry


Unstoppable Copier |Recover files from damaged Discs

It’s very Frequent scenario that you might be  dealing with damaged Optical discs problems , since the use of discs are still popular compared to other similar data carrying devices However  the fact is that still we have softwares  available online to retrieve files from these  damaged disks and that is the case of Unstoppable Copier is a powerful option. Read the rest of this entry

Weekly Tips

Hey readers  and friends , just switch your attention to these weekly tip section as we are covering two Internet based scenarios , one  Google search by SMS and the other mystery behind website. Read the rest of this entry

Anonymous browsing| Safe Browsing [Part 1]

Well now a days the title Anonymous browsing is even much familiar to school or college students, since there are lots of online Proxy websites are available , so  that if  you need to check out a site or two anonymously  or you can go through a proxy site that hides your home computer (ip address) info in a different way. Read the rest of this entry

Education based | Online Tools

Since around nearly for   3/4 years Opensource apps are of  diverged to a Primary used apps by many users/customers.Even for a business based or Projects or Education based , website like provides a vast number of  Opensource softwares to hit the task of any user.However let’s focus on some handy education based opensource  online apps. Read the rest of this entry

Tip on USB/Flash Drives

Though USB drives  are useful  for data portability , it’s a frequent scenario that If we  attach a USB to a  computer , the chance of Virus Infection could be likely to  happen.In detail , the virus is transferred from PC to the drive  in no time infecting all the important documents in USB drive too.You might be thinking of a built-in /Installed  antivirus might be the best solution , nope! Read the rest of this entry

Simple but Useful Linux Tip

Thanks to Vinytips for sharing this simple but Useful Linux login settings for  to Lock User Accounts After Failed Login.Mostly this sort of tips help an admin to  restrict Linux login attempsts after wrong passwords are given as input. Read the rest of this entry

Google Easter Eggs new

Google is like an alternative Brain I don’t Have , it’s an awesome phrase and yes Google is your next choice after your Brain potential.Am I exaggerating facts , If  so just skip these words and let me introduce some fun search tips for these Holiday happiness.The new Google Easter eggs! Read the rest of this entry

Fun with Online Fake Screenshot Tools

Usually within various Social networks like Google+ , Facebook, we might  see a bunch of articles rolling over having funny quotes on iPhone app Siri  screenshots, Facebook wall posts , Twitter tweets like wise…Now if you are in search of an online tool to create such fake screenshots , here is the list you could try out. Read the rest of this entry

Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google

Now If your Google+ page is all in one Finished Format, get ready to verify the Brand Page with Google verification system.The steps to verify Google+ pages are quite simple  and there by more Customers might grab you or follow-up on Verified Google badges! .Google has suggested  a way for any Page owners to verify their  page to Google. Read the rest of this entry

Quest over Google+ Pages | Helpful Links

Yes, Google+ Pages are here , as Google answered a Top Question that debated by Professionals over months, “create  pages for businesses on Google(+) Plus”?. Now as Google demands-“You’re just a few steps from an easier way to talk (and listen) to your customers.”. With pages in Google+ can help people learn about what makes your business tick — your products, promotions, hours and anything else you want to share. Sure there are some basic questions over Pages in Google+. Read the rest of this entry

Most Popular Browser apps|Addons|Extensions

Browser now days are meant or utilized for more than what they are basically for.Earlier it was just meant as a medium for visiting websites. watch online video likewise, but now revamped browsers took a new form into the web and utilized as an All – in – one  app for WWW or transforming itself into a valuable cloud OS.Games,web services , security apps all are now attached to  make browsing more fun.Lets have a look up on some best browser apps or add-on  this year.Categorization below are mainly based on Chrome and Firefox. Read the rest of this entry