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Google Earnings (Infographic)


We all know how influential Google is over web but in background  what about Google earnings,What are the major sources of Google revenue, The folks at released new info-graphic about the Google Earnings Read the rest of this entry


Facebook Security [Infography]

Since the privacy concern over social media networks are under constant threats , new sorts of measures are to be deployed , says the security experts and Facebook developers , Recently with  Facebook  was forced to  launch a bunch of security tools over the last few years, along with several back-end systems that are designed to keep your data safe.However, Since Facebook is aware that there may be some people who are not fully aware of all the security tools at their disposal, so it has published an infographic (which you can see below) to help you understand more about the security features you can take advantage of. Read the rest of this entry

The Photoshop Evolution

Adobe Photoshop is our/ mostly every one’s  Primary tool When coming to digital picture & photo editing scenario.It all started in  early 1987 [According to Wikipedia], Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. This program, called Display. From there these mere software emerged into the hands of over 90% creative professionals all over the world.Here is an infography from on “Evolution of Photoshop” Read the rest of this entry

Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 and others

With recent announcement of  Kindle Fire  Amazon  jumped into main stream Tablet market as expert claims   it tried  to compromise on several hardware features for launching an affordable tablet.With “Cloud-Accelerated” Silk Browser like features, Amazon app stores many expects as  Arriving on November 15 for $199 [US], the Kindle Fire will enter a crowded market dominated by Apple’s iPad.Here is a nice image on Comparison of Kindle Fire with other main stream competitors like ipad2, PlayBook, IdeaPadA1.. Read the rest of this entry Visualized [Infography]

If was a country, it would be larger than Brazil with its 234,872,807 daily visitors! – A  detailed visualization on domain by below Infographic image  focusing on Google visitors, demography & Server & Power Consumption Info. Read the rest of this entry

What If Social Media sites were Your Neighbors? [Infographic]

The Social Media Networks Online has seen amazing growth within last 2 years.Tightening there belt each Social Networks Updates new ideas via features frequently.Now Turn your Head around, do a crazy thought that What if these Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter were your apartment neighbors or  In real life “What if you lived in an apartment building with social media?”.Amazing and funny infography from cccolumn  watch below!Click and Zoom on image to view better. Read the rest of this entry

Eye care in Digital World [Infographic]

Innovative Technology advances daily and in parallel  our daily life got highly  influenced with it, since everyone practically live in front of them: The PC, iPad,iPhone, Laptop, Mobile,  etc.And since most are screen based , your eye is the most care taking factor, Is It?. Well has come up with a nice infography on keeping Your Eye Healthy in Digital World, Click and Zoom on image to view better  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Science + Fiction = Future [Infographic]

Would you believe in Science Fiction stories? Mostly Hollywood Films are most influential media in promoting those Fiction stories through movies.Now what does those movies predict on Future, well! it’s a very interesting infography from Michael Hobson from Tremulant Design pieced together a timeline based on the years these movies were set in.Experience the power of Imagination!Click on Image and Zoom to view better Read the rest of this entry

Google+ Statistics [Infographic]

Here presents a beautiful and appealing infographic revealing statistics data about Google (+) Plus social network.This infographic provides a visual presentation of stunning Google Plus facts and statistics.Click to enlarge Image Read the rest of this entry

Create Your Free Twitter Data Infography

Want a Twitter Data-Generated Infographic specifically about your Twitter account.Absolutely a free twitterize Tool from that helps any Twitter account holders to generate an infography focusing their own account [Solographic Option] as well as Comparing with others[Face Off Option]. Read the rest of this entry

The Survey on Web Technology

For developers, Webmasters , Site owners if searching for which among the  popular WWW technology is to be adopted ,then here is the Ultimate list, the W3Techs web technology survey indicates about the usage of various types of technologies across the web.Here is the Infography on W3Techs Survey overview.The accuracy might not fit to 100% but it’s reliably based on publicly available information from various sources. Read the rest of this entry

Top Blogging Platforms [Infography]

Since we choose WordPress as our Primary Blogging platform ,it  provided us with the real fun and experience of what a blogger expects?. However as most readers knew that there are more than 100 of free blogging platforms avail online.Deciding with what Profession/criteria/Platform we like ,can choose over any of these platforms .Here we compile an ultimate Tag cloud [Infography] of Top [64] blogging platforms over web.Click and zoom on image to view better Read the rest of this entry