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Nokia Symbian Developers Guide to Learn Windows Phone Development

Good ticker news for Nokia Symbian developers,Most of those Symbian developers might have already caught with that news on “Windows Phone 7 Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers“. Both Microsoft and Nokia announced a comprehensive package for Nokia Symbian developers to leverage their development skills while learning to build applications for Windows Phone.And these news adds up more to the Interoperability between various Platforms.The highlight on this Guide is Qt to Windows Phone API mapping tool ,that serves as a translation factor between the Windows Phone platform and other mobile operating systems. Read the rest of this entry


Age of Empires Online

“First they taught me to how to choose what you need?,Then with instant learning and skill i began to build,conquer and a new Age of Empires was born” – Don’t mix up guys, we are just buzzing on the famous virtual world strategy game Age of Empires which  is now Online.That means Gamers  can start playing the game online for free and can purchase upgrades and virtual goods with real money. Read the rest of this entry

Happy 30th Birthday MSDOS

Microsoft famous kid -MS-DOS is 30 years old today. Well it was exactly on 27 July 1981, Microsoft have  the name MS-DOS to the disk operating system it acquired on that day from Seattle Computer Products (SCP), a hardware company owned and run by a fellow called Rod Brock.SCP developed what it at various  called QDOS and 86-DOS to run on a CPU card it had built based on Intel’s 8086 processor. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft Tops in Linux kernel 3.0 development supports

Microsoft  now  has 5th position for top active developers for Linux Kernel 3.0.Little excited !  yes its real fact at least the news depicted from Linux kernel 3.0 developement sources.Among the total of 183 employers [top random] participated in  Linux Kernel 3.0 cycle Redhat tops in contribution , followed by Intel, Novell, IBM and then Microsoft.Now How it happens?This ranking is due to the solutions Microsoft had to make up with  “Microsoft Hyper-V (HV) driver” so that the Microsoft driver would be included in the mainline Linux kernel.Although above set of ranking vary and not permanent, this is a real sign of OS development collaboration. Read the rest of this entry

Create Custom Video Game With Kodu|Gaming

Tech Gaming as has become a real passion rather than a hobby.Whether it’s a kid, adult or aged ,Giving up your thoughts into an almost virtual gaming software has taken next level since the introduction of advanced gaming device.Microsoft has  a real passion towards gaming scenario , so are their well designed devices & softwares.Heard of Microsoft Kodu Cup 2011?–With the full availability of Kodu Game Lab for the PC, Microsoft  introduced the Kodu Cup Video Game Design Competition, an excellent chance for students ages 9 to 17, to win some great prizes while building games.It’s amost over & winnere will be announced shortly. Read the rest of this entry

OS|Comparison of Windows Vs Linux OS

It’s always a Constant debate in WWW/among experts/developers , Whether the famous Microsoft Windows OS vs Open Sourced Linux OS.In-fact Since the arise of Linux/Unix OS into OS market share, these Comparison started.Many Online Sites does a comprehensive analysis of the 2 OS based on their market share, reliability, security likewise . Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8| Microsoft releases video of Windows 8 tablet Interface

Lots of rumour came across various sites regarding Microsoft next Version of Windows-Windows8 ,many sites even released some Windows8 build leaked versions.However finally Microsoft had taken a step ahead in releasing an official video of Development of Windows8.It’s quite clear from the video that Windows 8 Proves Web Apps are the Future of Computing.Microsoft wants developers to code in the language of the Web—just like Google did. i.e always stay live with web. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft|Codenames [Infography]

Have any of the readers know what the terms like Diamond,Lone-star, Emerald ,Mojave, Vail  does means to Microsoft? . It’s just the Microsoft code-names for their Products.Microsoft codenames are the codenames given by Microsoft to products in course of  development,  which before released to  store shelves. Many of these products  are of major significance to the IT community, and so the terms are often widely used in discussions prior to the official release. Microsoft usually does not announce a final name until shortly before the product is publicly available.Here we have got an infography on Code-names of Microsoft Products .Click and Zoom to View Better. Read the rest of this entry

Web Browser-History [Infography]

As Mozilla Firefox 4 and IE 9  hit the deck , browser features have  traveled a long form , some got downgraded and other  well as upgraded.Adapting to the new web technologies every browser had it’s own merit and demerits .As surfing through various sites we got some smart chart and infography on Browser’s history.Positive fact is that competence among various browsers leads to a speedy and secure browsing environment. Read the rest of this entry

IE9 Hits the Web

IE9As Microsoft launch of new web browser hits the Web, Internet Explorer 9 which was the first  product released to the public in beta form a little over a year ago, the company claims that the new program’s speed and security will change users’ perception of the web and even foster the creation of a more “beautiful” internet.The new browser is available for download at, Read the rest of this entry

Favourite Browser

browsersWhich web browser do you use? Often it’s always a quest which is the top/powerful/commonly used browser. As entries include Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, avant, Amaya the list goes on..However it’s a fact that every browser has got it’s own merits and demerits over other browsers. Focusing on better speed surfing and plug-in management in Chrome and Firefox doesn’t mean by all that they are top browsers. Frequent crash occur for Firefox with available plugins, also memory usage and built in adblock a problem. As still stats go for IE , in browser market share ,Plugin and addon, tab management, frequent security flaws problems in IE gets focused .With IE9 release It is expected to be generally faster, more secure, and more standards compliant. Read the rest of this entry

IE6 Countdown

IE,IE6,IE9,Microsoft,BrowserMicrosoft is advocating users abandoning Internet Explorer 6 and to upgrade  by launching a Website that details how the aging browser is slow and insecure.That Website, “The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown,” uses data from analytics firm Net Applications to break down IE6 usage around the world. Despite its tiny market share in countries like the United States (2.9 percent) and Canada (3.3 percent), the browser holds a substantial portion of the market in much of Asia, including China (34.5 percent), South Korea (24.8 percent) and Japan (10.3 percent).In its desperation to kill IE6, Microsoft is encouraging users to spread the word about upgrading to a new browser. Read the rest of this entry