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IE6 Countdown

IE,IE6,IE9,Microsoft,BrowserMicrosoft is advocating users abandoning Internet Explorer 6 and to upgrade  by launching a Website that details how the aging browser is slow and insecure.That Website, “The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown,” uses data from analytics firm Net Applications to break down IE6 usage around the world. Despite its tiny market share in countries like the United States (2.9 percent) and Canada (3.3 percent), the browser holds a substantial portion of the market in much of Asia, including China (34.5 percent), South Korea (24.8 percent) and Japan (10.3 percent).In its desperation to kill IE6, Microsoft is encouraging users to spread the word about upgrading to a new browser. Read the rest of this entry


Internet World Usage Status [Screencast]

Top Internet have done awesome research regarding internet usage and population status across the world .Internet World Stats  claims that it is an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics and Internet Market Research Data, for over 233 individual countries and world regions.Whether the status is officially accepted or not , it reveals geographically that where does our Internet  stands. Read the rest of this entry

Firefox v.3.6.15 released

Firefox v3.6.15

After the release of Firefox v 3.6.14, Mozilla developers forced to have a  quick updated release of Firefox ,as fixed the issues found in previous version.This release addressed an issue where some Java applets would fail to load in Firefox 3.6.14.Meanwhile  Firefox 2011 road map was updated to reflect this change in development and to outline the “planned strategy and direction for Firefox in 2011″. Probably the most interesting part from an end user perspective is the priorities listing at the very beginning of the road map. Read the rest of this entry