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Top Antivirus|Security Tools-2012

Almost all of the major security brands released their  2012 security suits with hanging 2012 in their names.Some offers free while many became prices ranging from $50 .With various reviews across web and user surveys , we update the list of 2012 Antivirus softwares based on a rank policy (From its features and support). Read the rest of this entry


Tip on USB/Flash Drives

Though USB drives  are useful  for data portability , it’s a frequent scenario that If we  attach a USB to a  computer , the chance of Virus Infection could be likely to  happen.In detail , the virus is transferred from PC to the drive  in no time infecting all the important documents in USB drive too.You might be thinking of a built-in /Installed  antivirus might be the best solution , nope! Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Security [Infography]

Since the privacy concern over social media networks are under constant threats , new sorts of measures are to be deployed , says the security experts and Facebook developers , Recently with  Facebook  was forced to  launch a bunch of security tools over the last few years, along with several back-end systems that are designed to keep your data safe.However, Since Facebook is aware that there may be some people who are not fully aware of all the security tools at their disposal, so it has published an infographic (which you can see below) to help you understand more about the security features you can take advantage of. Read the rest of this entry

Two New Google sites on Data and Privacy

Internet provides users with lots of amusing/aspire factors, likely it can scare users with the black list factors like malware, spam, account hack like wise.And most security/web vendors promote some or in other way to persuade their users to stay updated with security policies/updates and there by indulge in a safe and secure browsing.Google BTW always take a step ahead in any sort of security factors , recent official launch of 2 Google websites add up to those statements. Read the rest of this entry

Overview of Smartphones and Malwares

Mobile devices/Smart Phones are used everywhere, so does it presents  an attractive target to cyber-criminals. Presumably attackers deduce that a smartphones contain a vast amount of personal and confidential information and can be used to perform all kinds of online transactions -so more & more malwares are developed targeting it. If you are more concerned with your PC security so should be  a  common smartphone . In the sense, they will cross over the   vulnerability factor as compared to  PCs  since the communication channels in smartphones like  SMS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Web browsers, applications and email  are easily prone to malware — these aspects lead to a proliferation of malicious code targeting these platforms. Overall the  ‘modus operandi‘ adopted by cyber-criminals has totally changed over years. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Malware Threats

Heard of Nickispy or Morto – If your thought  on these terms has taken to some comic characters , well they do have characters and it’s form is destructive malware.Trojans, Worms like all sorts of malware variants are n news every week/day , and most security vendors are deeply engaged in specific solutions to get rid of these updated malwares -since Hackers spend their most life time in creating it.Now have a look around on some of Top threats recently based on different OS platforms. Read the rest of this entry

What Kaspersky Lab Research Report Tells?

It’s a common approach that various Antivirus vendors does apply , a final security lab research report published quarterly or at the end of a year.The famous security advisor Kaspersky too come up with a  “IT threat Evolution” report based on online threats.Let’s focus what these reports has to convey to normal web users. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook releases official Security Guide

Stats shows up Facebook connects over 500 million people in over 210  countries – despite of these most fearing factor occurs in Privacy concerns. And it’s not circled around Facebook alone , every social network is rational on these security steps.Now for personal use and to advice your friends or family members on Facebook security/Privacy concerns , here is the perfect Official Guide to Facebook security. Read the rest of this entry

Google reports “Trends in Circumventing Web-Malware Detection”

Mostly in a day we browse it’s almost 50% chance that get into a malicious website and it have a rapid  rise for last 5  years. The main reason for this scenario :As web pages have become more interactive and feature-rich, the complexity of the browser and the software components involved in rendering web content has increased significantly.So these complexity leads to loop holes for a malicious hacker to get through in.However Google does take a step by publishing a research  report  briefing the  study of  four years of data collected by Google’s web-malware detection systems and explores the evasive techniques that malware distributors employ. Read the rest of this entry

Create a Custom Safe Browsing check with Google Chrome

Safe browsing is the most guaranteed  literary word that many modern Browsers speaks Today.Within most browsers there are some built-in safe browsing features offered or else you might be using an extension or  any antivirus safe URL checker.Now the most easy way to check any website trust identity over web is by using Google safe browsing advisory.Although most browsers offers it as  built in search advisory  ,we could easily create a safe browsing search engine with in  Google Chrome Browser. Read the rest of this entry

Spot the Internet Hoaxes

Have you received an email indicating “Facebook will begin charging its users”  don’t panic it’s an Internet Hoax- a false scam email.Another similar hoax message that arrived one of our blogger friend is “Some one wants to hold a share of $16 million & will get a get a 5 percent commission later for holding it, “.Hoaxes are mostly Interesting , some times well designed messages and it’s almost atleast  one scam or fraud  e-mail might be in your inbox too.It might  be like discussed above or a Lottery win,cheap pills or some sort of viruses too. Read the rest of this entry

Index.dat files in Windows

Heard about Index.dat files ,most Software tech savvy users might be familiar with this famous file that store user usage traces.Index.dat are files hidden on your computer that contain all traces of the Web sites that you have ever visited,files and documents you recently accessed. Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. The file names and locations depend on what version of Internet Explorer you have. If you are running IE version 4.0 or above, the file name is “index.dat”. Read the rest of this entry