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Who owns Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg  (CE ) owns 24% of the shares of Facebook : the most leading competitor in the world of Social Networks , It’s not depicted by us , but a Pie chart from chart is shown below Read the rest of this entry


Facebook Security [Infography]

Since the privacy concern over social media networks are under constant threats , new sorts of measures are to be deployed , says the security experts and Facebook developers , Recently with  Facebook  was forced to  launch a bunch of security tools over the last few years, along with several back-end systems that are designed to keep your data safe.However, Since Facebook is aware that there may be some people who are not fully aware of all the security tools at their disposal, so it has published an infographic (which you can see below) to help you understand more about the security features you can take advantage of. Read the rest of this entry

What If Social Media sites were Your Neighbors? [Infographic]

The Social Media Networks Online has seen amazing growth within last 2 years.Tightening there belt each Social Networks Updates new ideas via features frequently.Now Turn your Head around, do a crazy thought that What if these Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter were your apartment neighbors or  In real life “What if you lived in an apartment building with social media?”.Amazing and funny infography from cccolumn  watch below!Click and Zoom on image to view better. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook New Features:Top Questions asked

As Facebook Updates hitting viral over web , any queries on its upcoming features. Here are some most common Questions asked on Facebook new feature updates. (more…)

Timeline View From memolane|Facebook new Timeline Like feature

Might have already heard of Facebook new Update “Timeline” [A Timeline view of social networking feeds organized by each year as they’ve been on Facebook.] .  Although it’s dubbed as a new feature ,Timeline like  features are present over web , and to pick the most rated it’s Memolane. With in few words “ is your digital memory – your tool to rediscover your social life on the Internet”.Yes , It’s the  a  perfect digital online diary like platform collecting and connecting your thoughts, pictures, messages and music yesterday, today and tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry

Facbook Updates|The Timeline feature and More

Yesterday most  news seekers/social network enthusiasts across the web are indulged in a single news feed, what’s happening at f8  developers conference in San Francisco.Since Facebook tough competitor Google+ is rolling out constant changes/features, most were anxious on what might  Facebook adds Up.You might be already catch up with the notes in f8 conference , however we post an overview on the new face of  Facebook which includes updated profile section & new integration with music and entertainment apps. Read the rest of this entry