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Topsy Open Google+ Real Time Search

Real time search vendor Topsy now jump into Google territory with  Google+ Realtime search.The company, which  has a real-time search engine for Twitter,  now  introduced a realtime searching with all public Google Plus posts. Read the rest of this entry


Overview of Smartphones and Malwares

Mobile devices/Smart Phones are used everywhere, so does it presents  an attractive target to cyber-criminals. Presumably attackers deduce that a smartphones contain a vast amount of personal and confidential information and can be used to perform all kinds of online transactions -so more & more malwares are developed targeting it. If you are more concerned with your PC security so should be  a  common smartphone . In the sense, they will cross over the   vulnerability factor as compared to  PCs  since the communication channels in smartphones like  SMS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Web browsers, applications and email  are easily prone to malware — these aspects lead to a proliferation of malicious code targeting these platforms. Overall the  ‘modus operandi‘ adopted by cyber-criminals has totally changed over years. Read the rest of this entry

Adobe Flash Player 11 Offline Installer Link

Although  discussion going around HTML 5 –  as an alternative to Adobe Flash still Flash player is competent among it’s users.Latest release of Adobe Flashplayer 11 and it’s download counts proves it.But one fact that most users dislike is the online installer[722KB] downloaded from Adobe official site. Read the rest of this entry

Apple iPhone and iPad Simulator

Want to test  Apple iPhone or iPad [Earlier versions] in your Desktop PC or need an Apple iPhone/iPad simulator to try out  .Adobe AIR [Adobe Integrated Runtime] comes to your Aid. has developed some interesting iPhone and iPad Simulators under the development platforms like Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3. Read the rest of this entry


PDF  are one among the  doc  formats used abound  frequently .Adobe might be your first preference or choice upon creating/viewing PDF docs.However since it’s an era of cloud computing , many prefer to be stay  online,  so what we are buzzing around is a free online PDF editor.You might have come across several online PDF editors for creating PDF based docs, but we assure PDFescape meet most of your requirements. Read the rest of this entry

List of Google+ Circles sharing

Google+ followers [Google+ users] began to see an extreme  rise since “Circle Sharing” feature is introduced within Google+. With new  “Circle sharing” – Any plus user can now share their list of favorite circles with public/own circles. Here is a compiled list of Circle sharing  posts in Google+ which includes Top Googlers, Google officials, Tech journalists ,photographers .. Read the rest of this entry

Timeline View From memolane|Facebook new Timeline Like feature

Might have already heard of Facebook new Update “Timeline” [A Timeline view of social networking feeds organized by each year as they’ve been on Facebook.] .  Although it’s dubbed as a new feature ,Timeline like  features are present over web , and to pick the most rated it’s Memolane. With in few words “ is your digital memory – your tool to rediscover your social life on the Internet”.Yes , It’s the  a  perfect digital online diary like platform collecting and connecting your thoughts, pictures, messages and music yesterday, today and tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry

How many Google+ users are there?

One of the most lively discussion around the web might be exactly How many Google+ [plus] users are there till now?well ,  lots of online analysis, articles might be bidding around web some says it 18 million , 20 , 25 and some critics says it’s hype.Like a normal enquirer we did some sort of research on finding the answer for total number of Google+ Profile users.We tried some common Google search query tricks like site: inurl: queries but as most suggests it provide different  and inaccurate  count  [URLs indexed ] search results from Google [totally depends on Google named location servers] .So we jumped into a conclusion from Google+ sitemap.xml.Amazingly we got a results of Total Indexed Google Profiles, Indexed inactive Google profiles [not using Google+, just using mail and other Google products] and finally Indexed Google+ Profiles.And the result for active Google+ users are around 20 million [Updated to 21 Million as on Sep 22] till now , and yes, Google+ is growing faster. (more…)

Eye care in Digital World [Infographic]

Innovative Technology advances daily and in parallel  our daily life got highly  influenced with it, since everyone practically live in front of them: The PC, iPad,iPhone, Laptop, Mobile,  etc.And since most are screen based , your eye is the most care taking factor, Is It?. Well has come up with a nice infography on keeping Your Eye Healthy in Digital World, Click and Zoom on image to view better  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Google+ Profile Activity Widget

Have you got interested in latest official release of Google+ API , want to create your own Profile widget displaying/streaming your Google+ profile , post and activities.Thanks to Moretechtips for aiding us to create a profile widget with similar action as described above.We did some slight modification and created a PDF document explaining how you could create a Google+ Profile widget with Google API and display it in your favorite blog/website. Read the rest of this entry

Google+ Posts Popularity

Wants to analyze how popular your Google+ posts are? Mostly in a main stream social networking users try/focus hard on their quality of posts/articles , so that they could popularize it better.In case of Google+, a post is considered most successful when it gets more comments, +1’s and shares.Since there is no built-in G+ feature to have a overlook on Profile/Post popularity , we have to rely on third-party websites. Read the rest of this entry

Chrome Extensions for Google+

Are you addicted to Google+? wants to add more features  through extensions from Google webstore based on chrome browser.we’re sharing with you a list of 23 cool chrome extensions that will entice your user experience in Google+ to use with Google Chrome browser.[Hover cursor over each items to see the links] Read the rest of this entry