Top Antivirus|Security Tools-2012

Almost all of the major security brands released their  2012 security suits with hanging 2012 in their names.Some offers free while many became prices ranging from $50 .With various reviews across web and user surveys , we update the list of 2012 Antivirus softwares based on a rank policy (From its features and support).At the end Norton  Internet security is at top  , followed by Webroot , Zone alarm , Bit defender and MCafee .Here is the list based on rank priority.

    Rank             Software                                                   Ratings

  1.  Norton  Internet security  2012                      (4.5/5)
  2.  Webroot   Secure Complete                               (4.5/5)
  3.  Zone alarm Extream 2012                                 (4/5)
  4.  Bitdefender Total security 2012                     (4/5)
  5. Mcafee Total Protection 2012                           (4/5)
  6. Kaspersky Internet security 2012                  (3.5/5)
  7. Trend Micro Titanium Security 2012            (3.5/5)
  8. AVG Internet security 2012                              (3/5)
  9. Avira  Internet security 2012                           (3/5)
  10. F-secure Internet security 2012                      (3/5)
  11. G data Internet Security  2012                         (3/5)
  12. GFI Vipre Internet Security 2012                  (3/5)
  13. Panda Global Protection 2012                         (2,5/5)
  14. Trustport Total Protection 2012                    (2.5/5)
  15. ESET Smart security 5                                        (2.5/5)
  16. Outpost Security Suite  7.5                              (2/5)

So do you accept these ratings form your experience,Please  feel free to comment , if we have missed any other major security suits.



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  1. I can’t find any details about this results. For example why 4.5/5 and what is this?

  2. Thomas Weatherly

    I have a long view as a Prevx user before the purchase by Webroot, on through the combination of Webroot and Prevx technologies. I’m slightly biased against Norton, though I know that the present Norton ain’t the old one. It’s better, lighter. I have a general use, for writing and research, desktop which still runs XP Pro. I decided to avoid Vista, did buy retail copy of Windows 7, but decided to skip it for Windows 8. Even if I don’t buy a Windows mobile phone ( I have an Android now) 8 and my mobile will be more alike. Webroot has proven to be a better fit, convinces me of its efficacy on the Windows desktop and the mobile Android. Webroot is number one by my reckoning. I have a friend who after seeing Webroot on my computers, three and the one Android device, decided to switch from Norton to Webroot. She’s an engineer

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