Tip on USB/Flash Drives

Though USB drives  are useful  for data portability , it’s a frequent scenario that If we  attach a USB to a  computer , the chance of Virus Infection could be likely to  happen.In detail , the virus is transferred from PC to the drive  in no time infecting all the important documents in USB drive too.You might be thinking of a built-in /Installed  antivirus might be the best solution , nope!
So what are the random – Primary solutions ? (other than Antivirus, registry edit  … )

Write – Protect  or Read only Mode for USB
If you make your USB drive into non writable mode then any kind of data can’t be written to it which means that if a virus infected computer is going to transmit any virus to drive, it won’t be able to do so, because USB drive is in  write protected mode.

Different ways to achieve Write restricted or Read only Mode

Write Protect Switch
case 1:
Certain USB flash drives comes with write protector switch  built/with in them, using which you can write protect the USB flash / pen drive or make them read only drives.
case 2:
If the write protect feature is missing in the USB flash / pen drive then you can use  third-party USB Write Protector utility/software

  • USB Write Protector

USB Write Protector is another free utility that allows you make write protect your USB flash / pen drives . This is a very small utility that you can always carry with you in your portable drive.Download it into your USB drive . extract the zip   file and click the .exe file and chose the mode.

  • ThumbScrew

Thumbscrew is a freeware application that lets you write protect your USB drive so that virus, Malware, Trojan or any kind of infection from host computer would not be able to write anything on your USB.

Any other better app that does the same ? Please feel free to comment….


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