Fun with Online Fake Screenshot Tools

Usually within various Social networks like Google+ , Facebook, we might  see a bunch of articles rolling over having funny quotes on iPhone app Siri  screenshots, Facebook wall posts , Twitter tweets like wise…Now if you are in search of an online tool to create such fake screenshots , here is the list you could try out.

  • The Wallmachine  [] –To create fake Facebook wall posts this is a very good tool.
  •  iFaketext  []  –This is a site to create fake screenshots for iPhone chat interface.
  •  ifakesiri  []  –Create fake iPhone4S  Siri screen shots.
  •  Faketweetbuilder  [http://faketweetbuilder]  –To create fake conversation or tweets for Twitter this service can be used
  •  Fodey [] –Fodey is another very useful service for creating not just fake but for fun. You can create newspaper cuttings, clapper board, talking cats and many more.
  •  Fakeconvos   [] –This is another website to create fake Facebook feeds.
  •  Myfakewall [  – This is another tool to generate fake Facebook wall.

So readers , any better similar tool you would like to suggest……….


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