Android OS and Battle with Patent Issues|Outlook

This article is a complete analysis based on Jamie Middleton in Pc+ , as we discuss how well Android OS and based devices could sustain its reputation in the middle of Patent war  created by the competitors and What Google future plan with Android. And yes those who are Yelling Google is evil ,no it isn’t , the reality  and fact shows Google is  the real competitor  driving it’s plan in middle of  Patent issues created by other big guns.
Android , an Open Source OS based on Linux Kernel  had gradually  a rapid Increase in Market share  (Since it’s Introduction in 2007)faster than Apple iOS ,plus Android app downloads are compete with iPhone apps. Let as take a direct jump into what compete  Android OS faces now a days:

  • Major companies like Microsoft,Oracle and Apple are claiming patent dispute against the device manufactures  that use Android as OS.
  • Android as a free Opensource OS, is suddenly  having (at least) costing expense to the device manufactures due to Patent wars  eg:Apple temporary injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that use Android OS From being sold in Europe due to similarity With iPad Interface. Here Main Intentions to Prevent the device manufactures in using Android OS as Platform
  • Different versions of Android  run by different Mobile manufactures create severe consumer complaints due to the lack of  Constant Updates by them

Basics of Android Plan
Why Google create Android as free ?White as clear , Currently  Google finance revenue is mainly based on Advertising  where PC’s are the main Platform, However around last few years the trend to use Smartphone/Mobile  has gradually increased , So If  Users Forget PC as their major Platform , Google Revenue through advertisement get stuck , so they don’t want it  and  as for the future Google created Android as free , so that mobile advertising could be  gradually a support to revenue
And yes Google is much clever they just taken off the burden of Cost development by releasing it to mobile manufactures to get involved completely different from that of Apple iPhone where both take place at once in a Single hand, so if any drop down occurs , won’t harm Google much since they merely involved by just Providing an Unfinished OS, Guess Who’s Intelligent!
While  with the other Competitors there are severe trials to Prevent Android Popularity with Patent Issues on the Supply manufactures which Indirectly affects Google majority by Apple and Microsoft.But the downside is that companies like Microsoft is gaining money through this Patent wars with the products from Google, say with bare hand eating the food of the Creator.And yes it’s an Organised Campaign by Microsoft. Apple and Oracle against Google (Though not forgetting they too are innovative with trends)
Now to get rid of these extra cost in Patent or any other issue look what Amazon did it with Kindle  Fire – 7 inch color Touch screen tablet with unlimited cloud storage , now Although its  an Android based Tablet , it is n’t fully , Amazon has completely hacked Google features in Android  and even  without any Google apps or Android Google store , Amazon itself created alternative appstore.So seems to be more and more device manufactures could play the same Game with Google like Amazon did , now in this case Google loses it’s target since Android OS is free! (And the worst case is  Recently Apple has amended its trademark lawsuit against Amazon regarding the phrase “App Store” )
Now if you think Google strategy loses with above comment no , that’s why clearly they had  bid for device manufacture Motorola so that it could follow the routes of other competitors by Manufacturing and Developing Devices along with OS. And with more and more merging of Google services with Motorola equipment sure the race with stay alive
Thanks to Jamie Middleton

Note:We are not Intended to harm any organization or firm based on this article but Independently  as a free Tech Lover we publish this post


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