Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google

Now If your Google+ page is all in one Finished Format, get ready to verify the Brand Page with Google verification system.The steps to verify Google+ pages are quite simple  and there by more Customers might grab you or follow-up on Verified Google badges! .Google has suggested  a way for any Page owners to verify their  page to Google.

Linking your page and your website is useful because:

  • It helps you connect with your friends, fans, and customers.
  • It provides Google with information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.
  • Your site will become eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.

How to Verify Your Google+ Page

1. Begin  the steps by having  a link from your Google+ Page to your official web site. Best place as in Google+ age is under Recommended Links Section.

2. To add your Website Page Link under recommended link Section , Click the “Edit Profile” button at upper right, then click on the “Recommended Links” section to put it in edit mode.Fill in the “Label” box with whatever text you want the user to see for the link (e.g., Our Home Page), and the URL of your site’s home page in the “URL” box. Click “Save” and then “Done Editing.”

3. Put a Google+ Badge on your web page. Go to . Enter the ID number of your Page in the first box:

You’ll find the ID number as part of the URL for your Page. For example, the URL for Techtimely Page is Here Enter the ID  115880709833141093051.

Now choose a badge style. Some of the badges can be customized with your own text .Copy each of the code snippets to paste into the HTML of your site. The first goes in the header section of the main page (between the <head>and </head> tags). The second goes wherever on your web page you want the badge to appear. (Tip: If you don’t want to display the badge, pasting the first code snippet in your header will be enough to establish the verification link with Google.).

Voila! Wait till Google Verification Assign your Google+ page a Verified  Sign.  Helpful resources for any Query ? Check below.


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