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Yes, Google+ Pages are here , as Google answered a Top Question that debated by Professionals over months, “create  pages for businesses on Google(+) Plus”?. Now as Google demands-“You’re just a few steps from an easier way to talk (and listen) to your customers.”. With pages in Google+ can help people learn about what makes your business tick — your products, promotions, hours and anything else you want to share. Sure there are some basic questions over Pages in Google+.
We don’t need to mention more about what a Google+ page is? but why?How? are some common quest that many doubts.Let’s walk over few

  • Now I have pages on Facebook, do I need one in Google Plus?

Quickly say If you wish but on a Pro side yes you should.To drive your ideas to more and more or wider reach ,you should also create a professional profile in Google Plus. Usually Audiences are often different, there are millions of Facebook users do not access or access to the Google network, but there are many others who are beginning to use Google Plus regularly to review, report and contact brands around the world.So it would be always nice if you maintain pages on multiple Social networks.

  • How Could I create a custom url for the Google+ page of my company?

Currently there is no official solution for this, although there is shortening that offer that possibility, as  or like similar 3rd Party Websites.But yes, we have to wait, it might be soon in future since more people demands to it.

  • Can several Admin or Google+ Account  holder can Combine Manage a Page (simultaneously) like we have in blogs?

Currently No. However From Google Plus report tells that  already working on the possibility of multiple administrators of a page in Google Plus, which many are clamouring.

  • What are most helpful/support official Google links on  Google+ Page?

Webmasters -Link from Google+ page to your website and vice versa
About Support Pages
Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles
Google+ Direct Connect
Unofficial Google+ Page Directory
Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service
Google+ Your Business – Official Google page+
Google+ pages Discussion Forum!forum/pages-discuss

  • Any Technology/News Related Pages or Dircetory?

Currently no Official Directory but yes soon it might be there too , However some helpful links are here.

  • What main care or Policy are driving Google+ pages creation?

Just start  here .
Also Per Google’s Google+ Pages Contest and Promotion Policies section, Page admins are informed that they may not “run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions” on their Google+ Page. Instead, they may display a link on Google+ that points to a separate site where the Promotion is hosted. And sure there are more FAQ which many users might quest, Comment here , we drive  it to reach into Google+ page community!


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