Google+ strives to Separate itself from others

Is Google+ Striving into a Unique Network? If you query how, yes there is a definite reason for the fact that differentiate Google+ with other  social networking giants.More precisely  experts/Tech journalists  might now agree the fact that Google+ is riding in its right path to the Precept of Success.Recently the social networking giant has launched new updates to enhance interactivity among users.Obviously these new features differentiate itself  Google+ from Facebook and Twitter so that the public perceives  something different or experience new.Added up features like What’s Hot on Google+ , Google+ Ripples and Google+ Creative Kit promises the users more fun and Interactivity with Google+ platform.
In its Priliminary stages , Google+  was almost an Unfinished baby among Social networking family.Many predicted that G+ won’t survive and it’s leading a roller coaster  period or eventually fall behind like what some of the Google+ Products like Google Wave did.Although under scrutiny by critics/Tech enthusiasts , Google+ is striving  into a more innovative social networking Bond for public.
Before going to deep among the reason why we are exaggerating the words for G+ , let’s bound to  another  puzzle. Does your Google+ stream is now anytime Inactive or do you think that G+ is having dump public profiles and many users are not active in the Social platform.If you think so, then you are not yet fully Utilized the Social Platform yet.For example Just bounce to the real time Google+ search , type any search term with in common Public Interests ,you could see a bunch of streams , and that means you have not had the right guys with in your Google+ circle
Slow and steady Win the race
Simple Policy as the title says , Google is following  it but with Consistent and Unique Updates to the Google+ platform.Seems to be It’s an Oath among Google+ Team Members  that they should not fall back in the race.
Look deeply  into the changes that so far Google+ has done, began with a nicely design G+ page, gradually  accepted or concerned on feedback, added those updates that what the User’s are looking for, why they  should choose G+ as a primary Social networking Platform and more importantly how efficiently Google could Integrate other Google services/ features with Google+ or drive other Google service users into the main Google+ platform.If Google has done all of it as a sudden or from the beginning ,  user fury might be most output or feedback they could have received and  it might raise question over sustainability of Google+ platform.

But yes credit completely goes to the community management of Google+ , they wisely rolled out it as an Invite based , then encourage it’s Popularity or Curiosity among Public and other Social Networking users, made avail it for Public precisely as Beta and added new amusing and aspiring features to make it as a real-time sharing Platform.
What’s Hot on Google+: see what everyone’s talking about
Other than watching re-shared posts with a lot of +1′s flying  by your Google+ stream, there’s no real way to indicate before  what has been shared the most on the platform. Google has changed all of that with “What’s Hot”.So users can gain result on the latest happenings or latest trends  spreading over Google+ exactly like Trending Posts.Just visit And more precisely many times looking into the total comments and shares over those post , any one could  read the Story of Google+  success  with ease, So  If you are not Yet a Google+ user, go for it, You could convert it to a platform right with in your circle of Interests and trend.
Google+ View Ripples
Ripple like water expands, This is an experimental feature that let’s users watch how the posts they share publicly on Google+, flow across the community through this visualization tool where you can scroll in on the timeline at the bottom, stop by to zoom in on certain events, identify top contributors etc. You might find it a bit complicated at first, but then try playing with it. Go to a  public post of your interest and select ‘View Ripples’.Just visit to know more
Google+ Creative Kit
Finally  the Google+ Creative Kit (using the services of Picnik that Google acquired last year) for editing photos online. .Well, we had it already, but now they have introduced certain powerful tools that makes it easier to give the extra effects to your photos without much hassle. Along with the basics of crop, exposure and adding text, you have tools to give the ‘sepia effect’ or the ‘dreamy-feel’ to pep your photos up.
Also Google Apps customers can now  bounce to  Google+  , overall what it looks like is that Google has clearly  a huge amount of resources (backup) available  to Integrate into G+ platform and  they are using those resources gradually by supplement  your social network needs , there by driving Google+  as to top among Social networking  giants.


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