Two New Google sites on Data and Privacy

Internet provides users with lots of amusing/aspire factors, likely it can scare users with the black list factors like malware, spam, account hack like wise.And most security/web vendors promote some or in other way to persuade their users to stay updated with security policies/updates and there by indulge in a safe and secure browsing.Google BTW always take a step ahead in any sort of security factors , recent official launch of 2 Google websites add up to those statements.
Google Security
If you’re  a new user in the giant Internet world , it’s always better to stay updated on the best practices when it comes to sharing your data online and browsing safely.

In this website Google advises steps  for staying more secure on the web and an overview of some of the security tools that Google offers. This Google page offers better practices for Passwords, Gmail Settings ,Malware,Phishing,Mobile and Online Shopping safety .So like in the offline world stay safe and secure with these measures.Visit Google Security.

Good to Know
A similar Google page but focuses on ways that websites can get to know your preferences and how this makes them more useful for you.

It focuses on prime browsing factors such as Stay safe Online, User data on web, User data management by Google and How to Manage our own data over web.Visit Good to Know.You can also download a PDF booklet from this link or here


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