Top Weekly Tech Updates

Rather than individual technology updates most readers might be interested in a collated news of what happened in the digital world this week . . Enjoy this week tech roundup [Oct9 -Oct 16]![Also add up some tech updates we missed early].

Google+ Photos Replaces Picasa Web in the Navigation Bar
Google Pulls Voice from App Store
Facebook reaches an agreement with eBay.
Hackers add porn to Sesame Street YouTube channel
Google buzz is going to shut down is now officially part of the Apache family
Spotify now available on Boxee Box
Microsoft closes $8.5 billion Skype acquisition
Dennis Ritchie creator of C programming language  passes away
Ubuntu 11.10 is released in its final form
You Can Now Connect Your YouTube & Google Plus Accounts
Bing Social Search shows Twitter Map
iOS5 now available for download
Google Engineer Goofs, Makes Google+ Criticism Public
Sabayon Linux 7 arrives with experimental Fusion kernel
Mozilla’s revenue, and expenses, rise in 2010
64-bit Adobe Flash Player added to Ubuntu repositories
WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 gets new media uploader
Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 for Windows and Mac
Google launches AdSense Academy
Microsoft launches website
Oracle Offers Solaris 11 Preview For Partners
IBM Targets Mobile Computing, Social Networking With App Development Serve
Facebook releases its official iPad app
AT&T releases five new Android handsets
Google debuts Dart, a JavaScript alternative
Google Launches Online Safety Campaign in the UK
Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011 Announced.


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