Dart| Overview on Google Programming Language

We have seen over web that for  years new Programming language  appeared agile , in which some took off dominantly while some back off due to their lack of competent to others popular Programming languages.So do Dart – Google’s brand-new programming language for “structured web programming.” will acquire the path of C,C++ or other web development languages like HTML, JS, since the fact is those mentioned languages  evolved to perfection over years of development.
The objective
With Dart the language designers say they focus on  three goals: create a structured yet flexible language for web programming, make it familiar and natural to  programmers, and offer high performance on modern web browser platforms.Google believes Dart will be great for writing large web applications.
Hints on New PL
When was first hint of Dart surfaced over web? it was  about a month ago when an  Google docs shows onto the web where Google claims that “JavaScript has fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed merely by evolving the language.” The answer/prediction, for Google, was to go off and create its own solution.
Internal Structure and  code execution
Dart turns out to be a C-like optionally typed language, which the developers say allows a coder to start without types “and add them later as needed”. On client side execution Dart uses a new mime type, “application/dart” to denote its code in HTML script elements.Dart isn’t integrated with Google’s own Chrome browser but the developers say they are exploring the option.According to Google You will be able to run Dart code in several ways:
Translate Dart code to JavaScript that can run in any modern browser:
    Chrome, Safari 5+, and Firefox 4+ (more browser support coming shortly).
    Execute Dart code directly in a VM on the server-side
    Use Dartboard to write, modify, and execute small Dart programs within any browser window
Dart on the web
Developers claim over web they had just their thoughtful startup on Dart since it introduction but also Google has to work well on its further take off .The ideal solution  to effect Dart over web is the  code  execution of  Dart code in a browser-native virtual machine – for client side ( similar to how JavaScript is handled today). However to achieve this goal similar to JavaScript and to make an alternative to it the rest browser vendors need to join Google in supporting Dart. The fact that  it  isn’t likely to happen any time soon,Google has a fallback plan — a compiler that translates Dart code to JavaScript.However the implementation of the language allows for the code to be executed on a native virtual machine, for server-side use.
What’s Dart status ?
The early preview comes with a basic set of libraries and tools for checking, compiling and running code in the new language. As of now, no browsers support Dart, not even Google’s own Chrome, but the team is planning to explore this option.Currently the Dart language has to be built from the project’s BSD licensed source.However  what developers claim on first impression on Dart Language Specification “DART as a language is  structured & flexible and could be definitely improved however It is like a slimmed down Java language”.Also technical and Language specification details are avail over Google official website dart.org .Dart’s source code, its issue tracker, and more are available at dart.googlecode.com.


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