What todays Social Network needs| lacks?

“Facebook, Google+, Twitter” The list goes on .Apparently the active users in the web cannot afford those Social networks which provides a social interactive layer with your friends/followers.We are not discussing here what’s the best or compel any one to choose among those list of popular social networks.Rather we focus or does a concise overview on What today’s Social Network needs or lacks?

Before regressing/avoiding this topic just take a look around our favorite real time social sharing networks? Each and every one of us [Internet users] expects more or our necessity become a vital factor in choosing among them.However the competitiveness between social networking giants like Facebook or Google+ or Twitter provides innovative ideas/features and are updated regularly.But since most of the daily users/professionals/bloggers/marketing media/people keep a precise value over their web marketing/business/relationships , the need factors/features of these social networks are arising frequently.

Also enthusiasm towards real time sharing over web has been seen gradual increase over population among whole world.Yes the Graph of social network plus users are always pacing Top.Obviously any of the readers might doubt our expertness in this widely ongoing discussion around the web , however we does a precise focus on choosing vivid post on What is lacking in social Networks now? And it’s a never ending discussion, our below suggestions might be mostly incomplete ,BTW comment your interests/thought in this topic.

  • Meaningful and Value based Real time social networks to meet your Goal/objective

It’s simple as the heading say “When was the last time you actually had a meaningful conversation on Twitter / Facebook/Google+ about your goals?”. Usually we does expect a certain sort of objective upon choosing a follower or subscriber or sharing personality.People have begun to recognize that many of the “updates” real time they receive are valueless, and that the larger their social graph becomes the less value they get from it.Forget about the business factors , say you do have an interest in specific topic like Tech news/Technology/Photography, does your post feed / tweets over your specific social networks provides a quality based content frequently.

There is a flood of useless information in today’s social networks. It is noise that detracts from the discovery of relevant information. True curation/ filterness will not come about until AI [Artificial Intelligence] based on algorithms matures so that we can balance between targeted information consumption .More and more interactive organizing factors should be applied on real time updates.

  • Focus on Contents rather Counts

This is a child topic of what we said above.Most social networks focuses on their increment in users/popularity , it’s ok for them but for users who expects value based real time sharing can have a negative impact .Having hundreds of friends on Facebook / Following 1000’s of people on Twitter might be awesome but think in other way around , for most of us it’s simply become too much to handle. We have to sort through too many updates to find relevant information in the midst of what is, frankly, a whole bunch of garbage. However Facebook , Twitter, Google +recognized the problem; Lists, Groups and Circles do resolve these factors but only to an extend.Do you think the people added in your Google+ circle as a result of “circle sharing” suggestion feature introduction provides value/quality based articles frequently?

  • Alter focus on Individual popularity rather creative minds should be the suggested user

Individual popularity is a vital factor , but more focus towards those factor only reduce the chance of getting attention on these networks for a creative or innovative user/article/post.Say every one follows a popular tech journalists who is most popular among a specific social network like Twitter.if a person named ‘X’ had a creative content but who has less follower networks , does that content reach out widely since every one get attracted toward their favorite personality over networks.

How little attention do you get on Twitter even if you have really have good ideas to share?How hard is it today to let other people know about what you are great at, given that you are not a famous person? .Mostly it is a factor of serendipity for creative articles that it get noticed,Rating a user in social network based on post/article contents rather than based on Number of followers is a needy factor and only advanced AI algorithms can achieve it.It doesn’t mean by getting lots of comments/+1’s/likes a post is great/informative [any business intended personality could create a network of paid likes/followers specifically for those intends ] rather analyzing the content quality is must , what today’s search engines are trying to achieve.

  • Need for a Social Backbone rather than Diversity and plethora of social networks

In facts these sort of Social layer has been popular now a days but not flexible though .Yes we have +1’s , Likes …We should be able to browse through different web apps/ websites and if we find something interesting we should be able to share it through the invisible social layer. What we does now days are with help of browser extensions , third party web apps , rather it should be done with a layer integration of today’s popular networks. And this social backbone should become a standard facility available to any application. Say we could categorize it into 3.

The presence of an online macro-network which has (almost everyone). This is Facebook ,Google+, Twitter , LinkedIn today.

A micro-network that builds on top of this network (meetup, Zynga, Groupon..)

Forming new relationships in the micro-network that gets translated to these macro-network and updated frequently.

But these separation of layered architecture might be done with care.We don’t need Facebook to be Twitter or the other way around .We don’t need Google+ to be a Digg.we need our Twitter followers, Facebook friends , diggers, Google+ circle users every one and share and watch our article real-time.However we can’t accumulate all of our friends under a single social network , it’s a 90-10% chance , What we need is diversity in features + standard social layer built up on those networks+ to give people strong flexible tools to manage their own social connections,

  • A simple and Easy  interface

Not every users might be a geek who always updates info regarding  a specific privacy/feature change in a social network .Or any Navigation change occurs, he/she might get it confused .If enough notification features are not there  in there profiles regarding  updates ,users find it difficult.What many expects is not a cluttered interface but  easy and  user friendly choice.For example  personally I feel Google+ has a better interface than Facebook although varies in their specific  nature.

  • Diversity in Profiles

It’s so simple say our co-workers see one version of my our profile, parents see another, and have my college class-mates see yet another.We presently have groups/circles/lists that separates our networks into personal, friends, family …..But diversity in those profiles are not yet present.

  • Ownership of data

Some sort  of added feature that enables  a person to own their own data (pictures, videos, etc.) on the cloud no matter where it is and no matter when it was posted

  • Advanced Authentication and Privacy principles + spotting/publishing spammers list intruded into a specific social network.
  • Memory or archives of your posts/shares

Facebook Timeline is  just a beginning but other networks should adopt it too [since it’s vital for any user] although keeping a fact that every social network should distinguish itself from its competitors.it could be added with more innovative features

  • More focus to Target audience:Targeting a specific age group, geographical location, job industry etc makes it easier to tailor the content to those people.
  • Consistent and Quick Responsive Feedback support

Tail Thread:We don’t expect  a artificial /Virtual world/life  of networks but rather Real-time  and Trustworthy social networking


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