Top Weekly Tech Updates

Rather than individual technology updates most readers might be interested in a collated news of what happened in the digital world this week . Amazon, Nokia , Google updates like wise many events hit around the web . Enjoy this week tech roundup [Sep 26 -Oct 2]![Also add up some tech updates we missed early].

  • Android devices are growing target of malware, says IBM.
  • Chrome Labeled As Malware by Microsoft Security Essentials.
  •  IBM, Intel Invest $4.4 Billion in Chip Development in NY .
  • Nokia Windows Phone prepares voice-navigation software with 3D Maps.
  • 3D driving directions added to Google Maps.
  • Google Releases Updated AirFare Shopping App For Android.
  • Google Sites now allows to integrate graphics Spreadsheets  Google Docs .
  • Intel Acquires Location Service Provider Telmap.
  • Google Webmaster Tools introduces “site health.
  • Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Traffic Data.
  • LibreOffice is 1 year and celebrates with 25 million users.
  • Mozilla temporarily disabled Java Plugin.
  • Zynga’s game CityVille comes to Google+.
  • Flickr  releases its first official Android App.
  • Amazon reveals a $199 Kindle tablet.
  • Facebook Makes Important Changes to its Cookies.
  • Microsoft Research completed 20 years.
  • Google Blogger Updated to Dynamic views.
  • Oracle, Google will hold third settlement conference.
  • Asus UX-Series Ultrabooks to Launch on October 11.
  • Firefox 7 Final and Beta 8 released.
  • Gnome 3.2 released.
  • Google launches tool to push top news stories.
  • Google+ introduces Circle Sharing.
  • WordPress 2.9 comes to IOS with an improved post editor.
  • Google News Introduces “Standout”.

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  1. Thanks to show me these tops updates..

    • It will be much helpful if readers like you add some comments on top tech updates that we missed.Infact these are just some top picks around web.So if we miss any please add those updates as comments. Give, take and Share info

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