Intel Visions for Future

“Transition from Natural into smarter planet  sustainable to Eco system” – that’s what  Intel Processor Manufacturing Technology offers  .What kind of future do you want to live in?  What are you excited about and what concerns you? What is your request of the future? -And these thoughts are driving  factors of the Computing Technology into smarter than we think today – Does that Unique time approach us? Well Intel suggests/claims  their Visions and Future adaptive technologies  meets those discrete line.Recently last month IDF [Intel Developer Forum ] put forwards what Intel accumulates for future , also some applied present Intel Technologies.

Intel Tomorrow Projects [engages in ongoing discussions on Science Fiction] Outlines “Science and technology has progressed to the point where what we build is only constrained by the limits of our own imaginations. The future is not a fixed point in front of us that we are all hurdling helplessly towards. The future is built everyday by the actions of people.” Yes  It’s the Imaginative power of Human minds that drive towards the innovative ideas and technology and this innovative ideas forces Computing in a constant state of evolution..As one among the leading Processor- semiconductor Manufacturing multinational, Intel put forward some bright futuristic keynotes highlighted below.

  • Transition of multicore into Many core Architectures : Intel’s first 22-nanometer MIC chip, code-named Knights Corner, uses 3D Tri-Gate transistor technology and will feature more than 50 cores.
  • Build  Devices sustainable to Eco system & cost.
  • Scalability across wide range of applications even Intel Core processors  features  computing parts of  LHC [Large Hadron Collider] experiment .
  • Intel and Google  joint hands to optimize future releases of the Android  platform for Intel’s family of low power Intel® Atom processors.Enable Intel architecture on Google products. Joint initiatives include Chrome OS, Google TV, and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Native Development Kit (NDK).Leading Efforts with Google  that aims to accelerate Intel’s business in smartphones.
  • Intel is innovating and working with theiir partners to deliver computing experiences that are more mobile, secure and seamless.
  • Visioning much lighter, sleeker  ultrabooks so that Ultrabooks  will Transform the PC Category .
  • Accelerate Ultrabook innovation with Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” 22nm technology early next year with the help of the company’s revolutionary 3-D Tri-gate transistors.
  • Intel Smart Connect Technology – Content Continuously Updated While Notebook is in  Sleep.
  • Intel Smart Response Technology :Enabling SSD like Performance with HDD capacity.
  • Smart Anti -Theft  + Identity Protect solution tied up with Intel based Devices.
  • Display Panel Self Refresh Technology.
  • Enhancing Security with  Heterogeneous Multi-core Computing .
  • Moving multi-core principles to Client End. Javascript with multi-core hardware  like we do in WebGL.Intel  answer is Parallel Extensions for JavaScript, code-named River Trail, an Intel Labs project that extends Javascript to enable data-parallel processing. It’s available now through Github.
  • New class of platform power management in development for the 2013 “Haswell” products for Ultrabooks. The advances in silicon technology and platform engineering are expected to reduce idle platform power by more than 20 times over current designs without compromising computing performance. And this will lead to more than 10 days of connected standby battery life by 2013. The advancements will aid in delivery of always-on-always-connected computing where Ultrabooks stay connected when in standby mode, keeping the e-mail, social media and digital content up-to-date.
  • Intel’s researchers have created a chip that could allow a computer to power up on a solar cell the size of a postage stamp. Referred to as a “Near Threshold Voltage Core,” this Intel architecture research chip pushes the limits of transistor technology to tune power use to extremely low levels.
  • Intel and McAfee have been working together on a range of innovative hardware assisted software security solutions.McAfee’s new DeepSAFE technology platform that works with hardware capabilities found in the Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors. DeepSAFE technology provides new levels of security and a different vantage point by operating below the operating system. This technology will launch in a McAfee enterprise product later this year.

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