Notes on GNOME 3.2

Most Linux geeks might have already  tied up with the latest release of GNOME 3.2 -the desktop environment and graphical user interface mainly for Linux-based OS. In fact it was  the first major revision of the third generation of GNOME after when GNOME 3.0 was released [Mostly GNOME is released every six months].So what’s up with new release version, let’s discuss some notes.
To begin with GNOME 3.2  is basically a collection of relatively patched updates, improvements, and bug fixes.Let’s go through what’s added features to existing GNOME shell.
Play with Online Accounts
An entry in the system settings and the user menu with which the user can store their access data for online services, like Google account data. Other applications are able to query GNOME Online Accounts and use this data to access cloud services.With this feature you can manage online sources like Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Chat and even Documents from within the GNOME 3.2 UI, with the help of applications such as GNOME Documents, Contacts, Empathy, Evolution.
Turn Websites into Apps
GNOME 3.2 makes it possible to use a site as an application with the help of its standard web browser -Epiphany.Now just save “application-like” web sites, such as Twitter, to the desktop as web applications.Now if you ask what’s main pros of these feature is that users will escape from browser crash .Since Web applications run in their own process, meaning that they are not affected if the browser crashes. However they use cookies from the browser profile.
GNOME Contacts: which includes your contacts from applications such as Evolution or Empathy, in one place:
GNOME Documents:  a new application which allows you to manage both online (Google Docs) as well as local documents .
Clutter 1.8: GNOME’s graphics library for hardware-accelerated user interfaces Clutter that has been updated to 1.8.
GTK+ 3.2: GTK+ 3.2 is the latest release of the GTK+ toolkit, which is at the heart of GNOME. GTK+ 3.2 includes new features for developers, as well as extensive bug fixes
Media Hotplugging: GNOME 3 now features integrated media hotplugging notifications.
Helpful File Open and Save dialogs
Quick Preview  of your Files in the File Manager
Better Color management
New on-screen keyboard
On tablets and similar touchscreen devices, rotating the device will automatically rotate the screen
View More Release notes.The next release in the GNOME 3 series is scheduled for April 2012. Many new features and enhancements are planned for 3.4. Visit Getting Gnome to download GNOME 3.2. And for Ubuntu Geeks , The upcoming Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) operating system will include a fully functional version of the GNOME 3.2 desktop environment, on October 13th.


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