WordPress.com Blogging Tips

WordPress.com [Automattic hosted platform] provides us an easy platform for bloggers those who doesn’t want to care much on developer thoughts/Programming.It’s easy to set up and provides a wide list of awesome themes to choose from. Compared to WordPress.org[Self hosted platforms] It might be bitter taste for developer users who wants to modify much and customize those themes as they like unless they go for a paid Upgrade option/Hosting.Mostly many features are restricted to the Themes we choose.However there are some nice tips we could add to  a normal WordPress.com blog and make it more interesting.For experts in blogging this might be a basic tip , but for newbies these might be worthy to try out , as one of the reader request us how we enabled certain features to our blog.
How to add Pagination/Next Page to a WordPress.com blog?
It’s much easy that you could split a post/page up into different web pages so that is has pagination.All you have to do is type: <!–nextpage–>   into the HTML  Post editor where you would like your page breaks to appear.Just check below of this post for a Demo.
How to enable sticky/ Featured Post  to appear on top of  WordPress.com blog?
By default, WordPress.com blogs display posts in reverse chronological order on the home page with the latest post at the top. There isn’t a way to display posts in chronological order, but you can mark some posts as Sticky to make them appear above the other posts. They will stay at the top of your posts until you unchecked that option on the Edit screen for that post.This way you can easily set up a featured post on top of every page or restrict to Homepage itself.Just check our Home page.
To enable this feature mark a post as sticky by checking the option that says “Stick this post to the front page” in the Publish settings on any post.Sticky posts appear highlighted in some way, depending on the theme you’re using.

Usually Sticky posts display a colored background behind the title.And to add it as with a featured image option just click on “Set Featured Image” section under Post editor.A popup window will appear upload/add an image from gallery and click on “Use as featured image” option.
To restrict it to Homepage visibility click Appearance->Theme Options-> Featured Post Visibility.Check “Show the featured post only on the home page?”  .If you just set an Featured Image  and Unchecked the sticky  post option , you will get the featured  image as a Thumbnail on the Title of your post in Home page.
Note:This option depends on theme we choose, for eg: the theme for this blog is Mystique, which has above option.

How to add a Slideshow to WordPress.com?
Just Upload the images from the Post editor of your WordPress.com Blog ,Click on to “Gallery”, Order and Choose the needed Gallery settings and click on “save all changes”. Again come to the Post editor and add [slideshow]   to the area where you want to display the slideshow.Just check this post .
We will continue this WordPress,com tips as we further progress to find more useful Tips, Book mark  this page and stay with us. or if you know much advanced options please share/comment with us.


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