Top Weekly Tech Updates

Rather than individual technology updates most readers might be interested in a collated news of what happened in the digital world this week . Facebook, Google updates like wise many events hit around the web . Enjoy this week tech roundup [Sep 19-Sep 25]![Also add up some tech updates we missed early].

  • Bing Search home page gets a video wallpaper.
  • New Windows Live Hotmail Storage System Rolling Out.
  • Adds a Sleek New Admin Bar.
  • Mozilla Proposes Firefox ESR Versions for Businesses .
  • Chrome Gets 3D Browsing Capability .
  • iSwifter update brings Google+ games to iPad.
  • Facebook introduces  new “Timeline” , Updated Open Graph, music, movies and TV apps features.
  • Tweet A Photo Via Text Message On Twitter.
  • Amazon unveils ebook library access.
  • Microsoft released the WebMartix 2 Beta.
  • Microsoft’s decision engine Bing today released “Action Buttons.
  • Microsoft to launch Lync VoIP client for iPhone.
  • YouTube Now Allows ‘Upload Longer Videos.
  • Spotify Is Now Open to Everyone, Gives You 6 Months of Unlimited Listening for Free .
  • Facebook Adds Newspaper Inspired ‘News Feed and Real-Time Ticker’.
  • Microsoft Releases Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta .
  • Windows 8 will have own PDF reader named Modern Reader.
  • Google Updates Chrome 14 for Security and Native Code.
  • Google Improves iOS App for Google+.
  • Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Released.
  • Blogger app comes to IOS.
  • Apple opens new stores in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  • Yahoo News gets integrated with Facebook.
  • Microsoft confirms Metro developing UI for Microsoft Office.
  • Google+ is now Open beta, no invitation required.
  • Google add search to Google+, letting you find public or private items and rolls out other updates.
  • Google Wallet NFC Payments System  opens for business.
  • Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 10.
  • Google Docs now allows us to merge cells vertically

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