Facebook New Features:Top Questions asked

As Facebook Updates hitting viral over web , any queries on its upcoming features. Here are some most common Questions asked on Facebook new feature updates.

What  exactly is Facebook Timeline and how it’s shows up?
Facebook profile feature will be replaced with a new section called Timeline, in which users can highlight chronologically significant moments in their lives, such as a wedding or vacation, through photos, status updates and maps.Timeline is a new feature in Facebook (although it was accidentally released very briefly to the public back in December 2010 as Facebook Memories, and promptly removed) that shows the story of your life, as you choose to tell it or as Facebook has recorded it, in a visual, scrolling, ordered timeline. It’s a cross between visual blog and online scrapbook.Timeline will replace your profile page and wall, only after you opt into it and publish it.

How Timeline appears to users?
When you log into Facebook and go to Facebook.com, that feed page of Recent Stories will still be the same. But, when you or visitors go to your unique Facebook URL, such as http://www.facebook.com/techtimely, they’ll be able to see your Timeline instead of your old profile information and wall.  If you are a developer, you should be able to see the Timeline on that link; if you are not signed up as a developer, you will only see the old profile and wall, as the permissions allow.You can limit who sees all the entries of your Timeline. Each entry has a drop-down menu next to it that lets you filter who can see the item.You can also delete status updates, images, and other content from my Timeline.
How can I get Facebook Timeline?
Just visit Techcrunch  or visit this video to enable Timeline through developer account or wait until September 30, 2011, when the feature is scheduled to become live.At present, only other developers can see your Timeline if created through developer account [check this link if you are a Facebook developer https://www.facebook.com/techtimely ]. After the service goes live to all users, everyone will be able to see it.
What is Facebook new Revamped News Feed?
Facebook rolled out yet another update on  the news feed, this time putting more effort into finding posts from your friends that you’d find interesting, putting them up top and marking them with a blue triangle. Facebook says it’s now “more like your own personal newspaper.”

What is facebook “Ticker”  feature?
Simply say Ticker is “a way to express “lightweight” actions, thoughts, and other things anytime they want”.Ticker is the place where all those barely relevant “Likes” and activity updates now go ( for eg “X and Y are now friends”).  Ticker is a real-time stream of posts that appears to the far right of a user’s page, publishing less meaningful updates that a friend shares.

Does any changes to Facebook Like Button?
Facebook’s Like button is everywhere now, but it’s limiting. Often, people won’t Like something for fear of it coming across as an endorsement. New verbs will change all that. Now people will be able to “Listen,” “Watch,” or “Want” something—any action, really (assuming Facebook approves). Those updates can be hooked up to specific apps like Netflix or Spotify and automatically show up in the Ticker.
What is Facebook Opengraph?
Last year  Facebook rolled out Open Graph, a map of all of a user’s connections in the world, and made it so users can connect to anything they want in any way they want. But now with the next Open Graph users will also be able to connect to an order of magnitude more things than ever before using what called Ticker.
When a user shares a post normally, it goes into their news feed. But when that user adds activity through Open Graph, it will go into the Ticker and into the Timeline, but not into the news feed unless that’s what’s desired. It’s a lightweight stream of everything going on around you,The Open Graph will enable Facebook to seamlessly integrate Facebook users’ realtime activities into the News Ticker and will allow friends to participate in activities together in realtime. Open Graph should help Facebook make gaming, movie watching, listening to music and many other activities a more social experience. For eg: If you want to watch what your friends are viewing on Hulu, for instance, you can simply click on the update in your ticker.Watch below video.


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