Facbook Updates|The Timeline feature and More

Yesterday most  news seekers/social network enthusiasts across the web are indulged in a single news feed, what’s happening at f8  developers conference in San Francisco.Since Facebook tough competitor Google+ is rolling out constant changes/features, most were anxious on what might  Facebook adds Up.You might be already catch up with the notes in f8 conference , however we post an overview on the new face of  Facebook which includes updated profile section & new integration with music and entertainment apps.
To begin with: what are the highlights of f8 Conference?

  • Facebook unveiled unique ways for users to listen to music and watch TV, offering tie-ups with the likes of Spotify and Hulu.
  • Facebook users will also be able to listen along to whatever song a friend is listening to, provided they both subscribe to the supported third-party streaming music services, such as Spotify. Also users will be able to read articles from the Washington Post within Facebook, as opposed to being directed via a link to the Washington Post website [https://apps.facebook.com/wpsocialreader/]
  • A new “Ticker” feature, meanwhile, enables users to see more minor updates among contacts.Facebook will let users see music being listened to by contacts via its new Ticker feature. This service would let members listen to music together.Another  features will include Netflix users’ viewing activity being posted on the Facebook site as users will be able to get viewing recommendations based on films and TV shows their friends have watched.
  •  Facebook also introduced an overhaul of users’ personal profiles on Thursday which arranges past photos and other information into a rich, magazine-like layout. Dubbed “Timeline,” the new profile serves as a sort of diary of a person’s life, organized by each year they’ve been on Facebook.
  •  Facebook’s “open graph,” a system that allows outside applications—which users must sign up for—to tap into Facebook users’ data. The open graph will now allow a variety of media companies and start-ups to create applications for consuming and sharing content inside of Facebook.i.e An update to the Facebook’s Open Graph platform will allow people to express themselves in new ways and will let developers create a new class of app [what’s  Facebook’s “open graph]
  •  These new apps allow a new set of actions for Facebook users. So instead of just hitting the “like” button, users can tell friends that they’re reading an article, watching a movie, and listening to a song.
  • Facebook apps need only ask permission once to share stories on your behalf.Previously, apps had to ask every time they shared information about you in your profile. Now, the first time you authorize the app, it will tell you what it’s going to share about you. If you’re cool with that, the app never has to ask you again.

The Timeline feature
Facebook profile feature will be replaced with a new section called Timeline, in which users can highlight chronologically significant moments in their lives, such as a wedding or vacation, through photos, status updates and maps.Watch the  Slideshow we created.If you have a developer account watch our blogger  timeline https://www.facebook.com/techtimely

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of these features will be rolled out slowly , while Timeline feature might appear around from Sept 30 .If you want to get into Timeline and analyze its features There is an Option explained , visit Techcrunch.You can also watch a video on  how to enable and Activate Timeline Today.


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