Top Weekly Tech Updates

Rather than individual technology updates most readers might be interested in a collated news of what happened in the digital world this week .Windows 8 developer preview, Facebook, Google  updates like wise many events hit around the  web . Enjoy  this week tech roundup [Sep 11-Sep 18]![Also add up some tech updates we missed early].

  • Google Chrome 14 released adding up  Native Client and Web Audio
  • GoDaddy Hosted Websites Under Attack
  • Google Maps goes social on Google+, Share any location from maps with your circles or friends!!
  • Google+ API takes it’s first step
  • Google+ Fixes the Stream Jumping Problem
  • Microsoft Search Bing Rolled Out Adaptive Search
  • Google and Intel team up for x86 Android
  • Ubuntu web site launched to encourage application developers
  • YouTube Introduces Video Editing Feature
  • Google+ Allows You to Share Maps
  • Facebook  got a “subscribe” to profile button
  • Google Testing New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program
  • Twitter Launches Web Analytics For Website Owner
  • Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Facebook updates its Friend Lists system
  • HP introduces new enterprise security software
  • Linux community hit by security breach
  • AMD Releases New Graphics Cards and SDI-Link Technology
  • iPhone 5 Launching Next Month
  • Windows 8 to include Hyper-V virtualization 
  • YouTube Adds Support For Resumable Video Uploads
  • Acer to Release Ferrari Edition Android Smartphone 
  • Ebook Inventor Michael Stern Hart Dies 
  • Google Releases HTML5 App for Music Beta on iOS 
  • Mozilla orders certificate authorities to check their security
  • Dart:New Programming Language From Google
  • Microsoft Renews Its Real-Time Search Vows with Twitter
  • Mozilla Demands Security Checks from CAs
  • Microsoft Restores Services After Crash Affects Millions Worldwide.

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