Google+ Posts Popularity

Wants to analyze how popular your Google+ posts are? Mostly in a main stream social networking users try/focus hard on their quality of posts/articles , so that they could popularize it better.In case of Google+, a post is considered most successful when it gets more comments, +1’s and shares.Since there is no built-in G+ feature to have a overlook on Profile/Post popularity , we have to rely on third-party websites.
Two such handy websites are and plusclout. In foldedsoft, just enter your unique profile ID  [some thing like for eg: 109899887909967698705]and hit “submit” . We could retrieve an overview of G+ posts details, counts , Most popular posts, Most reshares, +1’s etc.

Another similar but enhanced featured website is plusclout , were a PlusClout Score is given to your Profile.Just Insert your Google+ ID .You could also add a widget button indicating G+ Profile score to any website/blog.


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