Google+ API official release

For developers/Programmers, it will be an interesting news regarding Google+ API official release.Since it’s launch Google+ is being targeted to progress into an All-in-one Social network [partially].it’s updates and new features are mainly intended to as a tough competitor to the alternative Facebook.And with in few months experts began to compare Google+  with other top social networks.And to that success adds up the Google+ API.As a result we’ll start seeing more products/websites/apps over the web  coming with Google+ integration.
We are sure that not many users doubts what’s an API, since it’s common  term over Web.For just an info API [application Programming Interface] are  sets/combination of codes that lets software Programs/codes to communicate/Interact with each other, simply saying a mediator between 2 programs.For eg: as OS related, the DirectX API which comes as part of every Windows installation provides a  related set of multimedia and gaming services.And web related API are heart of real-time sharing between websites/applications, such as  Google Maps API – that let you embed the robust functionality and everyday usefulness of Google Maps into your own website and applications or for eg: in Twitter, Programmers use the Twitter API to make applications, websites, widgets, and other projects that interact with Twitter like realtime streaming of tweets added to websites.
Most social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter allows set of API’s , so that  external websites/devices could read and write data into it or in the other way around saying , Web sites and applications can let you sign in using your Facebook ID and pull information like your friends list.Also Social plugins – including the Like Button,Tweet button, Follow button, Recommendations, and Activity Feed – enable developers to provide social experiences to their users with just a few lines of HTML.
As a first step towards API’s , the first Google+ API is pretty limited — it only allows applications to access information that you’ve shared with the entire Public [public profile information and public posts] via Google+.For eg:  if you want to get any  profile information, you can use the people.get method [embedded in API] by sending the an HTTP request it should be something like .

Here note the append code “yourAPIKey” , which is a core part- Every request your application sends to the Google+ API needs to identify your application to Google and there comes importance of a unique API key,And if If the request requires authorization (such as a request for an individual’s private data), then it must include a OAuth 2.0 token as an alternative to API.Since itn above code request doesn’t require authorization (because only requests for public data) ,hence API key is sufficient.As with many new APIs we see, Google Plus returns only JSON, not XML
You can find more information about the Google+ platform, including today’s new APIs to public data, at Google developers.Follow conversations on Google+ API More news at Official Google blog


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