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Communities,Social networking   all are playing much around the web now a days.Despite there are wide list of social networks to choose from , Diaspora have made a significant spark on it’s popularity.Since it’s invitation based [in it’s alpha version] , we normally like other users had to wait.Up on profiling an account with Diaspora , at first appearance the interface is quite similar to Google+, in fact almost identical.
What Diaspora offers?
If you think it copied Google+ , no it’s reverse happened because Diaspora has been around from the September last year , clearly saying before Google+.Diaspora, at this stage, is a distributed system. There is no centralized server farm. Instead, Diaspora uses seeds, a personal Web server that stores all of your information and enables you to share this with your friends. Your status updates and like are sent to your friends using GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) encryption.
To be more specific if you are not clear,- there is no central Diaspora network or Website; since the Diaspora code is freely available online, anyone with a server handy can host a Diaspora server that you can join. The software is still in development, but an alpha version is already available and several Diaspora servers are already operational. These servers (known as “pods”) allow registered users to store data (like mail and photos) and maintain their own personal profile. Every pod is different: Some are invite-only, some have space limits, and some are more secure than others. You can even host your own Diaspora pod to retain absolute control of your online identity.

Get into Diaspora pods without any invite
No need to wait for invitation for joining Diaspora pod , just visit You can get an account on any Diaspora pod( or for a list of pods), or sign up for an invite at the pod run by the original development team at if have any queries ,  Learn more  about how to host your own Diaspora server .
Here are some other features and highlights of Diaspora.

  • Like “Circles” in Google+ , in Diaspora there is “Aspects”.
  •  You can choose any other social sites to connect to your Diaspora. i.e  you can automatically have Diaspora  posts sent to Facebook, Twitter.
  • Upload of photos and albums

However if any one wishes to join Diaspora through techtimely network , just drop an email id as comment below.If looking for more expanded article on Diaspora visit Different computers Diaspora Tutorial.


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