Few Google+ Updates and Shortcuts

Here are some collections of Google+ Social network Updates focusing on its features , a list of new shortcuts .To begin with Are you in search for a list of Google+ recommended  users that you may want to follow or the top Google+ users in various scenario like Technology,celebrities, sports likewise , then Google officially suggests a list of Top Google+ users based on how many people follow them and only Verified accounts.Login to your Google+ account and visit here Follow Top users.The Google+ recommended users list includes several  categories from:

  • Entertainment
  • Fun & Interesting
  • Music
  • News
  • Photography & Art
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Technology

There is also  another main category called Picks, which is a gathering of most popular accounts of all other categories.
Shortcuts in Google+ [might be knowing]
Press Backspace= To jump between Stream , Circles , Profiles, Photos and Games.For eg: if you jumped from Main G+ Stream to Circles and if to get back into Main G+ stream Press Backspace.ie Backspace will remember your last visited Page Tab. Backspace also works in Profiles,Circles to jump between header Tabs.Also Press shift+Backspace to revisit tabs.If you click on any of the notifications from your Google+ bar , upon opening up a notification click key j to scroll forward one by one and k backward one by one.
And finally there  is a short  trick on Google+, and is that by clicking the upper black bar you are instantly scrolled to the top of the page.


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