Top 60 Technology News Websites

Every one loves  Updated Technology news, Almost every users browsing internet may have a list of their favorite bookmarks of  Technology related websites or a collection of RSS feeds.You might be using a news aggregator too.However we have compiled a list of Top 60 Tech related websites here [a PDF download is also avail]. Some websites that tops might be missing in these list , We did compiled these websites collection based on review ranking of these sites  over the web.Hope you like it! [Just point the cursor to view links ]

Readwriteweb Techradar Techmeme
Slashdot Crenk TechCrunch
DigitalTrends Mashable Techdirt
Theinquirer DigitalTrends LifeHacker
Gizmodo Gigaom Endgadget
Neowin TomsHardware Ubergizmo
Gadgetell CnetNews TechWorld
Toptech TechStory Pv-Tech
ShinyTv GearLive Shankrila
Msigeek Tightwind Solsie
Blackweb Tinycomb Softpedia
Geeksugar Techtimely Gadgetlite
Redferret Socialweb Askvg
Labnol Techtree Thenextweb
Alltop Buzzom Blogote
OSnews Pcworld Pcmag
LostTech PCadvisor Technika
Webtrickz Netchunks Makeuseof
TechReview Macworld Compworld
Datamation Boomajoom Arpitnext


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