WinMend:Quick and Speedy File Copy Tool

Have you ever thought that your built-in Windows OS Copy function is little sluggish or mostly trigger with slow speed, so that it takes more time to copy a specific file.Now if you decide to use an alternative third-party Copy Tool , mostly your friend suggests “Teracopy” .However if you rely on “WinMend” – it’s best and does the copy files job in quick. It is the best help you can ever get to speed up your copy jobs like system backup.
WinMend File Copy is a free and excellent batch file copy tool .To be frank before suggesting any software’s to our readers, we try to use and experience it’s features.And so is in case of WinMend.For copying over a 1GB file , it did  the job in Quick and Speedy.We have tried other software’s like Teracopy too, but WinMend seems to be better.
WinMend does have the common features that we expect from a Third Party Copy Utility.

  • High-Speed Copy
  • Resume,Pause and Stop Features : If copying is interrupted for various reasons such as system crash, it can be resumed from the last break point when you run this application again.
  • Error List: When copying is complete and if there are files that failed for any reason, they will appear in a list with error details. You can copy them again at any time later.
  • Three Copy Modes:You can copy files in one of the three modes: “Skip files of the same name”, “Match and overwrite files of the same name” and “Overwrite files of the same name”.
  •  Frequently Updated.

Supports Language: English, Hungarian, Russian, Vietnamese.
Version: 1.3.7  :Update: June 10, 2011
Operating system: Win 7, Windows® Vista™ 64-bit and 32-bit, XP and 2000.
File size: 2.10 MB


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