Fonts in Logos of Popular Websites

Logos in a website – shows off it’s  public character/ gain instant public recognition.we could well identify how a Logo popularity beholds unique from “Google” itself. Now ever analysed or tried to know what  fonts are  these popular Logo based on?.Here are some list of fonts used by popular websites.

  1. TwitterPico Alphabet (Modified)  
  2. Digg:  FFF Forward (Modified) 
  3. VimeoBlack Rose  
  4. Grooveshark: FF Nuvo 
  5. TechnoratiNeo Sans Medium  
  6. Flickr:  Frutiger Black   
  7. YouTube:  Alternate Gothic No. 2  
  8. Facebook:  Klavika (Modified) 
  9. Google: Catull BQ 
  10. Hulu:  Futura BT MDd (Modified) 
  11. LinkedIn: Myriad Pro Bold
  12. Skype: Helvetica Rounded Bold

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