Open Source Replacements for Paid Softwares

Are you looking for an alternative free open source/software instead  of a Paid Software?.Yes, we all love free softwares specifically  an Open Source based software that does all tasks for us compared to what a paid/expensive software does. Might be Cons/error/ lacks  can occur from the free softwares but mostly it’s limited and  will be helpful considering the fact that spending  thousands of dollars on a closed source application when you can get a comparable open source app for free?. Although Paid software’s offers advanced features and Instant support, Open Source apps have it’s own  dignity and Datamation compiled a 67 Open source apps list based on Paid Software’s.
Datamation have come up with an extensive list of  open source  application , by comparing it with  paid softwares.For eg:OpenERP [Enterprise Resource Planning]  software Replaces Microsoft Dynamics as well as SAP  or use PDF Creator instead for Adobe Acrobat Pro. The 67 Open source Apps  list Include

  1. Accounting softwares.
  2. Audio Recording/Editing.
  3. Business Intelligence apps.
  4. Business Process Management .
  5. CAD
  6. Customer Relationship Management [CRM].
  7. Database Management Software’s.
  8. Desktop Publishing tools.
  9. Development Tools.
  10. E-mail/Collaboration/Groupware softwares.
  11. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  12. Foreign Language.
  13. Gateway Security Appliances.
  14. Graphics/Drawing Apps.
  15. Mathematics Tools.
  16. Office Productivity
  17. Operating System.
  18. Point of Sale.
  19. Project Management software’s
  20. Screenplay Writing Tools
  21. Video Tools
  22. Website Design

Visit the Datamation  List of  Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Applications.


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