The Survey on Web Technology

For developers, Webmasters , Site owners if searching for which among the  popular WWW technology is to be adopted ,then here is the Ultimate list, the W3Techs web technology survey indicates about the usage of various types of technologies across the web.Here is the Infography on W3Techs Survey overview.The accuracy might not fit to 100% but it’s reliably based on publicly available information from various sources.
Here are the Top highlights of the Survey

  • WordPress is the Most popular and Fastest growing Content Management System
  • PHP ranks the most popular Server-side Programming Language ,while JavaScript acquires top for Client Side & jQuery is the most popular JavaScript Library and CSS tops as Web element
  • XHTML ranks Popular Web Markup Language
  • UTF-8 as common for Character Encodings
  • In case of Image File Formats , it’s JPEG and GIF head-to-head/li>
  • Facebook acquires Popular Social Widget rank
  • If Apache is the most popular among Web Servers , then Nginx is the Fastest growing on demand
  • Linux tops for servers as popular OS ,while Windows for clients.Ubuntu is the fastest growing OS version
  • Google Analytics is the widely used Traffic Analysis Tool and Google AdSense for Advertising Networks.
  • As common “.com ” still tops as popular Top Level Domain [TLD] AND English Ranks as content language for websites

Infography Credit W3Techs


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