Google reports “Trends in Circumventing Web-Malware Detection”

Mostly in a day we browse it’s almost 50% chance that get into a malicious website and it have a rapid  rise for last 5  years. The main reason for this scenario :As web pages have become more interactive and feature-rich, the complexity of the browser and the software components involved in rendering web content has increased significantly.So these complexity leads to loop holes for a malicious hacker to get through in.However Google does take a step by publishing a research  report  briefing the  study of  four years of data collected by Google’s web-malware detection systems and explores the evasive techniques that malware distributors employ.

The company compiled the results in a technical report, entitled “Trends in Circumventing Web-Malware Detection“. In addition to describing specific methods that malicious web sites employ to evade detection, this study  also focuses on trends over time to measure the prevalence of evasion at scale.
Mainly the report focuses on  four of the most popular web-malware detection technologies: Virtual Machine client honeypots, Browser Emulator client honeypots, Classification based on domain reputation, and Anti-Virus engines.According to the 12 page PDF report the analysis covered approximately 160 million web pages hosted on approximately 8 million sites. “Our report analyzed four years of data to uncover trends in malware distribution on the web, and it demonstrates the ongoing tension between malware distributors and malware detectors,” informs Lucas Ballard and Niels Provos, Google Security Team.The growing and poses challenges of  Social Engineering ,JavaScript obfuscation ,AV [Antivirus]Engines , false positives and false negatives  and IP cloaking  are other main highlights described.

Download the Full Research Report Here.


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