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Cinch means  “An extremely easy task.” , yes this is what does.Cinch is a free and easy way to create, share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. A service from BlogTalkRadio [launched in early 2009].Intially  on it’s launch was popular in U.S mainly ,but now extending Internationally among various users.Using a simple interface, you can make and broadcast your content creations through Facebook, Twitter, and more.Although there are many built in and external features for sharing audio in various social networks / similar audio sharing web services , cinch makes it more fun! .
Cinch enables you to capture and report on your experiences in a way that simple text just can’t do.Just visit Cinch , create an account by registering with any valid email ID ,confirm registration and you are done, If you are favorites of iPhone /Android , visit cinch apps , download  iPhone /Android  application , launch it and start record.For PC users , just use as normal microphone record [big red record button to start recording your audio].And you can do more than just send audio. If you want to send a picture, for example, you can add that too, and then record audio talking about the picture (though you don’t have to add the audio part).

Find and follow your family, friends and colleagues, and albums on specific topics interest ,Invite  to join the conversation,just start over conversations,browse and listen to other people , Listen to Public Cinches  – cinch provides a nice way of social networking too.Widgets are also avail from cinch , Broadcast your Cinches on your website or blog with the customizable Cinch multiplayer.Also Build your followers by embedding a Cinch badge on your website or blog.
Also avail at Apple store [Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later]


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