Browse faster just with Keywords

Very often while surfing with Browsers like Firefox ,we just type the URL in the URL bar or just type a keyword ,then press ctr+Enter[sometimes use Bookmarks ]  , append www & .com to it for visiting websites.Since most modern browsers mainly aim on speed browsing techniques, users tends to expect there browsing habits to be done with ease.Here is a nice tip that any one could try out with your favorite browsers like Firefox or Chrome , so that by just typing a Keyword and Press Enter You are on the move to a website ,so quick and ease , no need of appending any sort of .com or to press any other alternate keys.Note:This technique is slightly different from browsing keywords/Tags with Bookmark option.
The tip here is  by using the Google option “I’m feeling  lucky” assigning directly from your URL bar.After creating a default Google search as described below ,will activate the I’m feeling lucky, so instead of searching for the word  you typed in the URL bar, it will take you directly to the first result[(this only works when is evidently the name of the site)].
For Firefox

  1. Type about:config in URL bar.[Approve “I’ll we Careful“]
  2. Type in Filter or Search Box keyword.URL
  3. Under the keyword.URL  in value section just assign this URL value

     4.  Now close the about:config Tab and type in the URL for eg:wordpress and hit enter ,voila! yo are taken directly to the website.No appending or to press any key further.

For Chrome

  1. Type chrome://settings/searchEngines in URL bar.
  2. Now Under Default search options , if Google is set as default search engine ,just delete it [To delete make any other search engines  for eg:Bing as Default.Then only a delete option [a ‘ x’ mark]will occur for Google search].
  3. Under Other search engines create a new search engine, On first Column under Add a new search engine  type Google. Under second column on Keyword section type   [you can also use co.xx like for eg: ,]
  4. Next under third column  ” URL WITH %” section     type or paste

      5.   Now Select the newly created  Google search as default. Close the tab ,type any keyword for eg:Digg  from URL bar and hit Enter.


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