New Gmail Login Interface

It seems to be Google is waiting to release a bunch of updates for most of its services, recent updates to Gmail , Google+ , Google docs specify sleek Google design and eventually be adopted by all Google services and websites.Latest news on Google testing design changes is in Google Login page.Most people won’t see it, but if you visit Gmail, for example, without being logged in you may be asked if you want to preview the new version of the page.And to an extend  Gmail Login page gets an overhaul which quite resembles to Google plus design.At the bottom of your sign-in page, you might see the option to preview our new look. Once you click the link, the new sign-in page will become your default sign in page across all Google products that currently have the new design enabled. For a limited time, you’ll be able to switch back to the old look by clicking a link at the bottom.Take a look at screen shots below.

“You may have noticed that the pages where you sign in to Google products like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs look a bit different. These changes are part of a larger redesign of Google products,” Google writes in a help page explaining the changes.Since this design change is rolling out on specific country or location-based ,if you want to preview it follow below Tips.
Tip to view New Google Login Design

Via Official Google Blog .


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