Google+ Queries & Tips Cheatsheet[Updated]

Buzzing around the web is Google+ – likes & dislikes of people is growing and shrinking,invitations send all around,suggestions & feedback ,so Google+ is on it’s way.Now for every new products there might be users with queries,searching for tips & tricks likewise.We too are like a normal user ,so found some related Google+ queries and a cheat sheet Infography .Hope it helps.

  • How can I share Google Reader Stories on Google+?

If you connect Buzz to Google Reader, your “Shared” stories will appear on your “Buzz”-tab in your G+profile. (You might have to enable the tab first.).Just visit Mail settings->Buzz->You connected Sites->View & Edit->Add Google reader.To appear a Google reader story in Goog+ Buzz Profile , first share the story in reader.

  • What are “extended circles” in Google+?

“Extended Circles” is similar to friends-of-friends, ,When you share something in the stream, you might notice an option to share with your extended circles. Your extended circles are like your circles’ circles.For example,let’s say Nediva is in one of your circles, and Jadon is in one of Nediva’s circles. You don’t know Jadon and he’s not in any of your circles. If Nediva chooses to have Jadon visible on her profile among the people in her circles, and you choose to share with your extended circles, your content could appear in both Nediva and Jadon’s streams

  • Who are the most interesting people to follow on Google+?

There’s a site you can send to people who are just starting out:[]

  • Where to find top 100 most Popular Google+ Users?

Visit [

  • What software technology stack does Google+ use?

Joseph Smarr Google+ Technical Lead: says “we use Java servlets for our server code and JavaScript for the browser-side of the UI, largely built with the (open-source) Closure framework, including Closure’s JavaScript compiler and template system.we use the HTML5 History API to maintain pretty-looking URLs even though it’s an AJAX app (falling back on hash-fragments for older browsers); and we often render our Closure templates server-side so the page renders before any JavaScript is loaded, then the JavaScript finds the right DOM nodes and hooks up event handlers, etc. to make it responsive Our backends are built mostly on top of BigTable and Colossus/GFS, and we use a lot of other common Google technologies such as MapReduce”

  • How to join in Google+ developer API group?

Join the Google Plus Developer Group.

  •  How to Manage Facebook and Twitter streams with Google+ ?

To integrate your Facebook stream inside Google + is possible with the Google+Facebook browser add-on from Crossrider.Currently the add-on supports only Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.It does not work with Internet Explorer due to some https security issue.Developers are working on it to fix.[]
To Integrate the twitter stream in your Google plus.[Allows you to Tweet, Short URL’s through,Share Photos through TwitPic,Share Videos through TwitVid,Share your location and watch your timeline] use Google+Tweet[

  • How to share Google+ posts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

Use Extended Share for Google Plus extension from chrome store.This extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post. Once clicked, it will bring up an internal bubble asking you where to share your post.

  • Any Extension to Integrate Google+ with Browser?

If you’re using Google Chrome browser, install Surplus plugin to integrate Google+ inside the browser. Visit Chrom store

  • How to Invite/import Facebook Friends to Google+ without any extension/add-on?
  1. Open Yahoo! mail account and link it to your Facebook account.
  2. Now, import all the contacts to Yahoo! address book.
  3. Open Google+ account and select “Find and Invite” from Circles.
  4. Click on Yahoo! icon and allow Google+ to import all Facebook contacts.
  • How to get an Atom/Rss Feed out of Google+ Profiles

Just navigate to your or any Google+ profile and copy his or her unique profile number from the URL.(, so the identifying number you would want to copy is 1059029280078534255689.) Treat that number as the suffix to the Plus Feed URL — — and you have an Atom feed that’s easy to subscribe to.

  • How to Add a Google Plus Profile Button For Your Website

Just paste the below code by changing the profile id[Here for eg:108328207344756705896] with your profile ID.If any doubt Visit Official Google Plus Profile Button creator

<a rel="me" href="">
<img src="">

Alternatively If you need an custom Google+ Profile image ,make intersting Google+ profile button image visit ,create the image and save it from this site[Upload to your site] and replace image src [Uploaded URL path] on below code as <img src=”Custom_image _path”> 

  • How to Copy one Circle into another in Google+

To copy one Circle of friends into another, it’s quite easy to do once you know where to click

  1. Go to Circles.
  2. Click on a circle.
  3.  Click “View circle in tab”.
  4. On the top right click “More actions” -> “Select all”.Then you can drag everyone from one circle into another circle.
  • Receive Google+ notifications on your phone, even if you don’t use Android.

Google+ has an excellent Android app. (The iPhone app is still awaiting approval from Apple.) If you can’t get the app right now, you can still get SMS notifications on your phone.Here’s how to set it up:
Click the “gear” icon at the top right of your screen in Google+ and select “Google+ Settings.” Click the “Google+” tab and click “Add phone number” under delivery preferences. Enter your cell number here. Google will send a verification code to your phone. Enter that code in the box that appears on Google+.

  • Learn Google+ Updates and news Through Twitter

For help learning Google Plus follow @LearnGooglePlus.

  • Find people for Google+

Visit  ,over 947,996 Google+ users indexed []: A new service  with a directory and search indexing only Google Plus. They have a nice little search box which appears to auto suggest keywords .Also search based on country,region and jobs in Google+.
For searching Google+ posts visit

  • Steps to avoid Suspension of Google Profiles

    Based on various sources and Google supports and forums Here are the steps you could try out to avoid Google+ suspension or to restore .[Note:This tips are mainly based on Google+ discussion forums, Google naming policy]

    1. Follow “Your name and Google Profiles ” content policy.
    2. Up on review of your profile if no response from Google feedback and if it’s against name violation try use your real name like full name.No periods ,no symbols,no special characters,no mixed character language (for example Chinese and English) . for eg:: Robert steves or Rober d steves is either acceptable.Avoid Robert_steves or “Robert -steves”  or “$ rOBERT ” like wise.
    3.  Better if change your profile details like where you live,since Google track IP addresses ,providing fake places might be considered under review.Also edit details on nicknames and other names apply same policy like real name for these too.
    4.  Better add your contact number under profile or mobile verification option in mail settings ,so while reviewing Google support to make sure that it’s a real account and not fake .
    5. In the description section of your profile, make it real like a personal profile ,avoid any links to webpages ,since if it’s identified as any business related profiles,it will  be suspended.Better eg: is Mashable News , now changed it to a personal profile
    6.  Try appealing process repeatedly and through Google discussion  forums and feedback supports [to an extend only this helps]
    7.  On appealing process add additional details like scanned PhotoID or any related webpages that link you.
    8. Deleting and creating a new Profile will not avoid suspension process,still the new profile will be under review or suspension.
    9. Avoid any posts or images in your profile that are against Google content if your profile is marked under review ,remove the images or profile pictures that is against Google policy.
    10. And if all steps are done still no reply as every one says try to contact  Google+  support  directly  [if any personal contact/email /refer/]or to refer you with the help of your friends.
    11. Now take a look at one of the popular and useful Google  thread on This issue
  • Where Officially Google+ new features are announced?

Visit What’s New in Google+

  • Where to report Google+ Known Issues?

Report Under common Google+ Known  Issues

  • How to use your Post on g+ as a Poll

The poll question will go in the post description . The voting options will go in the first comments below the post. After that people can +1 the option they agree with. The one with the most number of +1s wins. Optionally I can disable the comments on the post so that the post is strictly used for voting. But if you would like a discussion to follow you can leave the comments enabled.

  • Search for Popular posts in Google+

Just type in Google search inurl:posts 30..2000 shares
Google will display all those posts shared from 30- 2000 times and those were the most popular ones. Now if you want to change the sharing range numbers from 30- 2000 to something more like 50- 5000, Google will display all posts shared that many times.

  • Google+ Recommended Users

Discover who to add to your Google+ Circles – or searching for  some top highly recommended Google+ users in category such as Bloggers,Journalists,Celebrities ,Technologists likewise,then go for []

  • How to trace Visitors on  Google+ Posts [Only works when some one clicks any links of your posts]

To track visitors and clicks on to your Google+  posts, here is an nice tips

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Visit Your Google+ Profile and Now make a post to share
  3.  Now Copy any of  the link  that you wants to share
  4.  Next Log into   [the official Google URL shortner] in the same browser [always login to after logging into your Google account or log into with your Google account,then only the tips works]
  5. Paste the link and create a Google URL Shortner
  6. Now copy the Google URL shortner Link and Paste it in share section
  7. Share the posts.

Now to track the visitors details , again login with your google account onto ,and click on details.If you repeat the above steps in all your links in posts that you share , all visitors details can be traced out.

  • Which s Official Google+ blog?

  • How to Record Google Hangouts?

Use  Screencastle [] or Screenr []

  • How to get Google Plus Widget For Website and Blog with Public Stream Updates?

  • How to preview the latest updates to the Google+ platform before they are launched to the general public?

you can join the Platform preview team here:

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