Panda:Google AlgorithmUpdate Launch Internationally

Mostly it’s  Webmasters who  might be familiar with Google Panda.Recently Google announced that their “Panda” rankings changes have now launched internationally in all languages other than Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.Also Google claims that their scientific evaluation data show that this change improves  search quality across the board and the response to Panda from users has been very positive.

As a reminder that Google Panda is a new search engine algorithm to work against the website that contains low quality articles, blog which  simply copy and paste the description from other website and to increase the search engine rankings or simply to say an “algorithmic improvement designed to help people find more high-quality sites in Google search“.Google Panda was First launched in the United States in late February this year and rolled out to English language internationally in April.Also the new algorithm update indicates that for non-English indices,  this change impacts 6-9% of queries (vs. the 12% the original US English launch). This launch also includes a few minor changes to the English version of Panda, but shouldn’t have a substantial impact.
It seems to be nice step/move  taken from Google to  encourage a healthy web ecosystem by focusing importance for high-quality sites and also provide unique content articles for webpages in Google search results  and that’s exactly what this change focus on.Also a strong message conveyed to webmasters that  aim on to create better strategy  for quality content to increase their website popularity.


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